I’m tired and have a cold, so I’m just going to throw pictures at you and call it a post.

This Christmas it was my turn to get sick. Usually Tom or I get sick, and since last year was a Christmas miracle and neither one of us got sick, this year turned out to be my year.

My brain is being a bitch and won’t put together any kind of logical, linear narrative or post, so here’s a collection of pictures from what I’ve been doing.

We’re spending the week in N.C. with my mom and sister. The drive from Georgia takes about 6 hours, which inevitably means a bathroom break. Last time I was assured at a South Carolina rest stop I wouldn’t be stabbed with a screwdriver. This time, at a gas station, was a sign that reminded me that I was using the bathroom in a gas station:

I love polite toilets.

Then, we went on a walk, and Tom made the observation that the people who lived here must have started having their house painted, then noticed they loved the color of the painter’s tape so much, they switched it up.

And on the walk, both of the dogs kept peeing on red fire hydrants. I boooed at them every time. It’s so cliched and expected. The only saving grace is that we know they aren’t doing it ironically because in real life, there are no doggie hipsters.


I looked through the photo albums at my mom’s house, as I often do, because I live in the past. I found a picture from the year Santa brought me my Wonder Woman sleeping bag, and I had just found it in the 1983 Sears WishBook on the Wish Book Web:

I also found a picture of me trying to fit in my arms all the Care Bear figures my grandma got me. And I’m sure she rolled her eyes and mentioned how spoiled I was because that’s the kind of grandma she was:

And, this Christmas, Santa left me a nice stash of Nerds to cannibalize:

I hope you all had and are having a happy holiday. And may all of you and your family members come out the other side un-strangled.

14 thoughts on “I’m tired and have a cold, so I’m just going to throw pictures at you and call it a post.”

  1. get well soon

    Last year Bobina had the flu of flus…she missed almost every family event. This year everyone was healthy and it made for a relatively nice time.

    Those glasses on you were just too cute. One of these days I will produce the pictures of me with my superheros/comics/baseball cards and other nerd gear.

  2. I just like your post because it meant I didn’t have to focus on one thought for too long. Thank you. And photos of dogs peeing are always a welcome site. And also: Mama Dot rocks.

  3. The key of course, is the unstrangling part.
    My girl is not allowed to eat Nerds. or Pixie Stix.
    Doesn’t stop her fm keeping a stash though…

    Hope you feel better soon!

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