The South Carolina Rest Stop Really Went Out of Its Way for Halloween

Driving up to North Carolina takes about 6 hours. This usually means having to make a stop or two. On the way this time I stopped at a quaint little rest area in South Carolina.

It may look unassuming, and while they may not have decorated with the usual pumpkins, hay bales, and scarecrows, they made up for it in the bathroom. While I was in a stall, the person in the stall beside me was doing something really strange (and I’ve seen more than enough “strangeness” in public bathrooms these days). It sounded like they were tapping something against the wall. As soon as I opened the door and came out, so did the person beside me. It was a large set lady in what looked like a lab coat.

I completely ignored her and began to wash my hands, but I heard her giggling and she said:

“Hey there! I’m not going to kill you with a screwdriver. I just work here, I’m the supervisor.”

I looked down, and yes, she did have a screwdriver. I almost joked, “You’re just going to maim me, right?” But I didn’t want to give her any ideas. So, I said “ok” and finished washing my hands.

It was pretty cool, like a really cheery, reassuring haunted house. It was also pretty cool because she was telling the truth that she was not going to kill me – that would have ruined the whole thing.

Overall, it was a nice visit. It’s tradition that I do something annoying to remind my mom that it really isn’t all that great to have me stay there and this time was no exception.

8 thoughts on “The South Carolina Rest Stop Really Went Out of Its Way for Halloween”

  1. Oh…I wish my mother would leave her candy out! When she has us kids around, all grown and ‘mature’, she still hides the candy until first trick or treaters show up at the door! Lucky you…and you weren’t maimed!

  2. You and bathrooms. This is becoming a theme, you know.

    At least you were considerate enough to leave a note. If you hadn’t, she never would have known she had goblins roaming around her house. I think you should get some sort of “best daughter” medal or something. And some more candy. Obviously.

    1. My mom e-mailed me and asked me if the goblin scared me and I told her I was busy watching TV.

      And yeah, I’m not sure I’m happy about public restrooms becoming easy fodder for blog content…

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