I accidentally named my blog after a Japanese serial killer.

I have no excuse. I didn’t Google “Cannibalistic Nerd” before I named my blog that. Why? Because I didn’t think to. Why? Because I live in a world where the words “cannibal” and “nerd” just aren’t usually in the same sentence. As someone who’s been accused (by Tom) of “loving” serial killers, I also either should have heard of him and this nickname, and/or known better and searched to make sure there were no serial killers with the nickname. Because these are the kinds of things I do worry about and look up. Why I failed myself this time is beyond me.

I had planned on putting a link to him, but it’s terribly upsetting (seriously), so I decided against it. But I’ve given you the key to finding him. Just look up “cannibal nerd,” like I didn’t.

So, I have a blog that happens to kind of share a nickname with a serial killer. What’s a girl to do? A pros and cons list, duh.


  • He also had lots of other nicknames, which were more popular than “Cannibal Nerd.” Eventually, if we can’t allow overlap for serial killer nicknames, there will be no way to name blogs anymore.
  • Inevitably, someone would have gotten that nickname. At least it’s over with.
  • “Cannibal Nerd” isn’t exactly like “Cannibalistic Nerd.” Although, cannibal_nerd is my exact Twitter name.
  • I like how “Cannibalistic Nerd” sounds! It has a nice rhythm to it. It’s got a great beat and you can dance to it.
  • I already named it that. To name it something else requires some minimal effort and I am quite lazy.
  • He’s dead.


  • I named my blog after a serial killer.
  • He’s like the worst one in Japan. Everybody hated him.
  • He somehow got the “nerd” part of his nickname because of his huge collection of porn. Bad porn. I’ll just leave it at that.
  • If I ever become a serial killer, I don’t want everyone getting confused.
  • If I ever get murdered by a serial killer, I don’t want everyone thinking I had it coming.

What does everyone think? Should I change the name? Here’s a brainstorm on possible other names:

Carrie the Pen Gripper
Buffalo Quill
Blog of Sam
The Mad Blogger of Kingsberry Run
Blogston Strangler
I Hate Prostitutes
Ted Bundy


24 thoughts on “I accidentally named my blog after a Japanese serial killer.”

    1. I’m leaning toward keeping the name. I worry I Hate Prostitutes may limit the topics I can write about. There’s only so much you can write about hating prostitutes before you have to go do something about it.

      1. Oooo, good call. I mean, then you have to deal with lye, it’s dirty and you don’t know where the prostitutes been so you want to use gloves, and you can’t use the SAME pair of gloves because someone might notice.


  1. LOL I love the turn this discussion has taken….but why not name it psychotic grapefruit….it’s random and theres no way of copying…anything! Besides a psychotic grapefruit? Who will see that one comming!

    1. Very interesting. Maybe I’ll reserve “Psychotic Grapefruit” for a band name. Or, if I become a serial killer, my signature could be to leave a grapefruit at the scene, thus forcing the nickname.

  2. As with all blogposts, the comments rival the post.

    I love all the ideas here,t he comments kill me.

    I’m a nerd, who loves kittles, and though this name seems so right here, I’d have to go with

    Skittish killer.

    1. Nice! Although I really do hope that someday there will be a real serial killer with the nickname “Skittish Killer” because his M.O. would be very entertaining, I’m sure. He’s just not sure of himself and leaves notes at the crime scene about what he could have done better.

  3. I think the fact that you’ve named your blog the same as a notorious Japanese serial killer just goes to show that you are very multi-cultural. Totally in the pro list.

  4. LOL @ Skittish Killer….I have this image of him sneaking up on someone and when they turn and around and say boo, he runs away. XD

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