Why the Name Cannibalistic Nerd?

Technically, I’m a geek. Nerds do well in school. However, the candy called Nerds exists. I love Nerds. Especially the little boxes you get around Halloween. Probably because it reminds me of Halloween.

Other than Pixie Stix and that dipping powder, this is the closest thing to standing over the jar and shoveling sugar in your mouth.

Whenever I eat Nerds, my husband points at me and calls me a cannibal. He does the same when I eat shrimp, as I am short. The title Cannibalistic Nerd got in my head and I couldn’t shake it, and thought it sounded better than Cannibalistic Shrimp, and was a better description for me and what I’d probably write about.

And isn’t that kind of what nerds and geeks do? Obsess over what we like and devour it over and over again? And the line between you and the things you like gets blurrier and blurrier, etc.? No? Fine, I’m sticking with the name, though.

In reading up on starting a blog, one of the things is that you’re supposed to have a niche. I actually do have a niche blog – one of the nichiest blogs one could hope for.

I’m thinking, I can go more niche – maybe a blog of nothing but pictures of straw wrappers I compulsively knot when at restaurants.

If they are really long I fold them in half, first.

Or, I can go broad. So, I’m going broad.

18 thoughts on “Why the Name Cannibalistic Nerd?”

    1. I’d love to hear about them, it makes me feel normal. I’ve been knotting straw wrappers forever. I told my husband I mentioned it in a blog post and he said “You do?” Only the hundreds of times we’ve gone somewhere with straw wrappers.

  1. Okay, WHAT is with the folded straws??? I only ask because they remind me of my dear husband who leaves a trail of neatly knotted cliff bar wrappers everywhere he goes – like he’s a rabbit that poops knotted cliff bar wrappers. I do not understand this. My best theory is that he thinks that by making them “fancy” they’re no longer trash and he doesn’t need to throw them away. Please help me understand.

    1. Like little Cliff Bar bowties? That is fancy, indeed. I do it because it’s a compulsive habit. Empty straw wrappers are like snake skins, all wild and empty. A neatly folded, knotted straw wrapper is 1. something to do while listening to other people talk and 2. makes the world of the table scape a little more ordered. But I DO throw away wrappers at home. For the most part. And I don’t knot them.

  2. I’ve had many deep discussions on the difference between nerds and geeks, and I’ve concluded that I have the honor/curse of being both.

  3. I wish I’d thought of that – I’m a nerd too, and love nerds far too much.

    I also wish I’d thought to read-up on starting a blog before I recently did it, but I’ll learn as I go, I’m sure.

  4. This is great! I LOVE nerds. But even more than that, I love pixie Sticks. In fact, I used to buy those big balls that were like giant sweet-tarts, and then I’d get a butter knife and shave them into a powder. THATS how much I love tangy sugar stuff.
    Man, I was a weird teenager.

  5. *gasp*! I always tie my straw wrappers in knots! But then I force my superstitions on others by making them take one end akin to a wishbone. For the record, I win 9 times out of 10 because I have mastered an obnoxiously practiced flick of the wrist. All that said, I’m a total geek. Probably a bit of an attention whore too….. But mostly, I’m pleased as punch I found you through The Cowardly Feminist! *squeal of delight* 🙂

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