Man, I Hate it When That Happens

You’re going about your day, running some errands, and, all of a sudden, a gust of wind simultaneously blows up your skirt and your underwear drops. This must happen pretty often considering there were two different paintings depicting the embarrassing turn of events at the local antique shop:

Obviously, it doesn’t happen to these two very often, as they look completely surprised that the size underpants they chose were so loose, they fell to the floor against incoming winds.

You know the day chivalry died? When these ladies’ panties dropped and neither the construction guy, or the bus driver (OR the painter) offered to take their bag of groceries so they could right themselves. The nerve!


36 thoughts on “Man, I Hate it When That Happens”

  1. These days, acknowledging the skirt blowing would get you 3 sexual harassment classes.

    I asked my Gram (previously mentioned on your blog) what she thought about Marilyn Monroe’s skirt blowing up picture in the 50s. She was a huge Marliyn fan and even copied her look during the 50s. Gram responded, “every woman knows what blows her skirt up, don’t let ’em lie to ya”…

    I’ll leave you with that

  2. Am I the only one here catching the phallic references? The man with the “jackhammer” , the “poles” on the bus….Leave it to the gay guy to point this out…..

  3. These are but a reminder of how the times have changed. Never would that happen now as standard shopping attire is Kirkland brand sweatpants and a stained t-shirt. Thanks for the nostalgia.

  4. Don’t be fooled. Look at their faces. Those panties drop all on their own accord all the time. That’s how they gets them the menfolks. Especially that one on the bus. She has a free hand, and all she’s doing is slightly holding down her dress. Just think of the view she’s giving the people waiting to get on the bus.

    Or maybe, the bus is going to Vegas and that’s how strippers entered a bachelor party back in the olden days.

    I have obviously given this way too much thought at this point.

  5. Well, I bet the vibrations from the jack hammer didn’t exactly help those panties stay on in the 2nd picture either! Forget the wind!

  6. What is this “underwear” of which you speak?


    Look at the faces of the men… I think this is what “Heroes” did in the 50’s… Nobody hunted them until they got useful powers.

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