I Can’t Ever Find Anything in Here

I was looking through a magazine and found this article:

Something didn’t sit right with me. I felt like I’d seen it before – that funnily exasperated eye roll and lip squinch. You know, the face all us ladies make when we just can’t get our act together! So I looked through the previous months’ magazines and there they all were. I knew I’d see it before:

36 thoughts on “I Can’t Ever Find Anything in Here”

      1. Definitely needs more than one bag. I think her expression is from wanting to grab the drug purse and accidentally taking the organs one.

        Those are much harder to smoke if they haven;t been dried properly.

  1. *snicker* Love the post!

    In other news – there is something about that broad’s face that makes me angry…. violent, almost. Curious if that was the intent? Subliminal and such? No? Huh.

  2. If I was stealing organs I would have a suitcase. You can’t put that stuff in a purse silly it might get punctured. This level of business requires a briefcase.

    I wish I had a sort of James Bond style briefcase for my makeup too, come to think of it. And a martini.

  3. True story:

    My youngest daughters are obsessed with Selena Gomez. They found the same picture in 4 different magazines. My teenager rolled her eyes at their exasperation and asked “so, what does that tell you, girls?” They answered “that Selena Gomez really likes that picture of herself?”

    btw, until I see that broad holding a Glad trash ban with that expression, I’ll calling her aphony.

  4. Ha! I love that you put “Valentine’s Day” in the bag of torture devices. Um, I mean that SHE did. Natch!

    I definitely don’t think they are thinking big enough. I mean, what about my liquor bag? It’s hell to keep all those half empty bottles organized. Or my chocolate bag? How do I sort it . . . dark to white? Flavored? With nuts/candies/ lavender??

    We may need an entire themed magazine with all this info. And on every page . . . that girl with that expression.

  5. I’m just sitting here holding my giant rotund belly and laughing and laughing and laughing at your post AND all the comments. I liked the valentines day thing, too. You clever little monkey.

  6. I really needed this today! I can never seem to keep track of those pesky stolen organs.

    Honestly, thanks for this. Seriously inspired work. Especially the tee-tiny little torture devices. (Geeenius!)

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