Death AND Cake – Things I’ve Worried About

I’ve been a pop culture junkie since I was a wee one. I was never allowed to watch MTV, which means, of course, I watched it all the time. I was allowed to watch Nick Rocks, the video show on Nickelodeon. So every time my parents caught me watching MTV I told them it was Nick Rocks. And yes, I was a child when MTV literally showed videos during waking hours.

The Alice in Wonderland inspired video for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ “Don’t Come Around Here No More” had a lasting impression on me:

I know what you’re thinking, yes, that IS Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics as the Caterpillar at the beginning. He co-wrote the song. But, back to the subject at hand.

This song was released in 1985. I was 7 or 8 at the time. I think we can all agree that Tom Petty is a unique looking man. He’s very pointy. His voice, combined with his pointy-ness, and his Mat Hatter persona in this video seriously bugged me out. The whole video has a creepy, surreal vibe that disturbed me.

But, the thing that bothered me the most is when Alice is turned into a cake at the end. I was worried this may happen to me.

Was I worried I may turn into a pig baby? No. Nor was I worried about about becoming small enough to use a doughnut as a life preserver because that would be delicious. Somehow, the cake thing was what got my mind turning. This just seemed the most likely of all the scenarios presented.

And ultimately, this is was what worried me the most: I truly hoped that if and when I was turned into a cake, that everyone would be neater about cutting me up and serving me. Look at that mess! Tom’s serving all-icing pieces and all that cake is crumbled on the table. I can only hope my Mad Hatter and checkerboard ladies show some mercy on that front.

I did grow to love Tom Petty. He’s one of the most represented musicians on my iPod. And I also love the song, but I can’t hear it without thinking of messy cake.

12 thoughts on “Death AND Cake – Things I’ve Worried About”

  1. I have spent years trying to describe Tom Petty and in three words you did it so easily: he’s very pointy. Perfect! But I love him. My siblings and I were all freaked out by this video and it is funny the cake part was what stayed with you because we called it the cannibalistic operation game! I miss the MTV of actual music videos! Oh…so crazy to see Dave Stewart in this video as have been watching the video for his new band Super Heavy all week!

    1. I actually looked it up to be sure that was Dave Stewart and found it interesting that he co-wrote the song because it DOES sound a little different from most Tom Petty songs. I’ll have to check out Super Heavy.

  2. Oh gosh…I just read your post on the cannibal killer….I swear cannibalistic operation is not in anyway connected…and really you should keep the name!

    1. Ha! I thought it funny too that I happened to think of that video while trying to get to sleep the same night I wrote about naming my blog after a real cannibal. Wonder why?

  3. That video used to scare the bejeebus outta me. Then when I found out what a raging pedophile Lewis Carrol was, it just turned the “WTF!?!?!” factor up to 11.

    1. WHAT!? He was a pedophile? I know he’s a “let’s accuse everyone alive at the time” Jack the Ripper suspect but I either blocked or missed the pedophile angle. To Wikipedia…away!

  4. I also have that cake fear, and it is entirely Tom Petty’s fault. Of course, it was later reinforced by Star Trek: TNG with that creepy ass “peptide cake” episode… eeessh.

    1. I didn’t remember that episode so I looked it up. Why the hell did I do that? Curiosity killed the cat, turned it into a cake, and Worf ate it.

    1. Paula, could you not see it in the post? I think it’s a really well made video considering it was made back when you actually had to build sets and stuff. It certainly stuck to my brain lo these many years.

    1. Ha! All stalkers welcome, but I do have to request that if you are a serial killer that you NOT kill me because I don’t want my comeuppance for my blog name. And if you’re a zombie and Tom Petty fan, then I’m sure it will be a mutual stalking.

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