Happy Halloween from a Punk in a Garfield Shirt

As mentioned previously, this introvert did used to dress up for Halloween without any hang ups about it. In that post, I mentioned two costumes: Wonder Woman and Punk Rocker. Since I’m visiting my mom, I could dig up the pictures for a better context.

I thought my mom had made the Wonder Woman costume, but she didn’t. She made many other costumes, though. For this costume, my dad made the bracelets and the headpiece out of coat hangers, cardboard, and aluminum foil-y paper stuff. They were so well-made, my sister wore them years later. My dad was awesome.

I was on a roll getting a picture with every single type of candy I scored until my stupid parents shut down the project.

A few years later, we enter the lazy bones era of Halloween costuming. I was a “punk rocker” for several years, and the costume was pretty consistent every year. It was so convincing – let’s just see if you can pick me out between these two pictures:

One is me and one is Sid Vicious. Look closely, and you will see some subtle differences that will reveal the answer.

This is actually a “Madonna fan with sensible, responsible parents” costume. But, somehow, “punk rock” was always the descriptor. It’s probably what started all the “Avril Lavigne is a punk rocker” bullshite. I’ve created this chart to help you create an actual punk rocker costume:

Happy Halloween, everyone!

6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween from a Punk in a Garfield Shirt”

  1. Perhaps if Sid had donned a Garfield shirt he would still be with us today. I still have that very poster of him which for years kept me thinking that bloody sad boys were sexy! I think I will pull it out and write Cannibalistic Nerd across it…Avril can only wish she owned such cred!

  2. If it wasn’t for the Garfield shirt, I would NOT have been able to tell the difference. Other than that, you were spot on!!

    Love the wonder woman costume. Your dad was a crafting genius! 🙂

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