Pictures from Disney World, Which You Wouldn’t Know if I Didn’t Tell You

Everyone knows what Cinderella’s castle looks like. Plus, screw her and her fancy schmancy high-value location abode. Instead, here’s a random selection of things I found worthy of photographing. And I promise this is the last of squeezing content from the Orlando stone.

These were "pay phones." You used to use them to make phone calls. Now, they are used to decorate awesome dinoaur/Route 66-themed restaraunts.
Speaking of vintage dinosaurs, someone please find me this pink ceramic stegosaurus ceramic cookie jar. Christmas is right around the corner.
Here's a picture of me, holding my charging phone and a ball of light, wearing my Shaun of the Dead shirt.
I want the phrase "nine pound lemons" to replace "brass balls."
This dragon dressed as a skunk farted in our faces and made us miss the Touch and Taste segment of the 5 senses tour. Then we had to see him taking a bath on the ceiling of his home. It was a whole ordeal.
If I had focused as hard at school as I did helping out Buzz Lightyear, I may have been a better student.
This pair of Chip and Dales were from the future. They were looking for someone named John Connor.


8 thoughts on “Pictures from Disney World, Which You Wouldn’t Know if I Didn’t Tell You”

  1. Nine Pound Lemons = Brass Balls. Done.

    Aww, that’s Figment. How do I remember that from when I was 13 and at Disneyworld? How do I retain these useless facts?

  2. Maybe if you offer up John Connor to the ‘munks they will trade you for the stegosaurus cookie jar! Way to rock the Shaun of the Dead shirt!

      1. Wait…you’re gonna offer up the future of the human race for the cookie jar? Would you at least make sure the thing is full of cookies first?

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