Conversation Piece Conversation: Lil’ Meat Hook

I get e-mails from Zulily all the time. Zulily is “daily deals for moms, babies, and kids.” I’ve bought stuff for my niece and nephews from them and they also have sales on non-children/mom type stuff but I find it more fun to imagine that all of the merchandise is for kids. Today they are having a sale on rustic decor, and here is one of the things you can buy: Mom: Oh! I have to show you – we redecorated Billy’s room!

Houseguest: Ok, great….what’s that hanging from the ceiling?

Mom: Oh, it’s a hook. I got it for sale at a great price. Billy likes to hang his stuffed animals from it. I’ve told him if he pokes a hole in one more teddy bear he doesn’t get to have any more. P.S. You can get this fabulous costume for your little one here.

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