Conversation Piece Conversation: Bustier Lamp

Conversation Piece Conversation: Bustier Lamp

In order to save you money, I create conversations for the ebay conversation pieces so that you can enjoy them, move on, and spend your hard earned money on refrigerator magnets or rubber bands.

A homeowner and a fireman stand outside a house ravaged by fire.

Homeowner: How? How did this happen?

Fireman: Let me show you where the fire started. (Brings homeowner into house) There’s charring around this spot, here, near a wire frame that looks like half an hourglass.

Homeowner: Oh, man! That was my bustier lamp! Awww, look, a few of the beads at the top survived. You should have seen it, it was really sexy. I could have fit into it if it wasn’t a lamp.

Fireman: Ok.

Homeowner: Now I have to find a new house AND a new bustier lamp. That’s just great.

Fireman: Good luck.

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