Conversation Piece Conversation: Brass Telescope

I used to write these for a website way back in the mid 2000s. The website shut down but the listings for conversation pieces never stopped. In order to save you money, I create conversations for the conversation pieces so that you can enjoy them, move on, and spend your hard earned money on hot dogs or socks.

Brass Telescope

Conversation Piece: Small Brass Telescope Unique Nice Conversation Piece

Setting: Suburbia

The doorbell rings. Mr. John Hodges walks to the door, instantly recognizing his lovely neighbor, Ms. Jane Grover.

John: Why hello! Do, come in. What a pleasant surprise!
Jane: Hi, Mr. Hodges.
John: Would you care for some lemonade?
Jane: No.

Jane walks over to a small table by a window in the living room.

John: Oh! You noticed my brass telescope! I got that off of Ebay, I thought it would be a perfect companion to my antique brass compa-
Jane: Stop using it to watch me take a shower.
John: Yes, ma’am.


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