Conversation Piece Conversation: Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug

In order to save you money, I create conversations for the ebay conversation pieces so that you can enjoy them, move on, and spend your hard earned money on cookbooks or toothpaste.

Two old friends, Mike and Henry, have gotten together at Henry’s house to catch up and talk about the old days.

Henry: It’s so good to see you! Would you like a cup of coffee?

Mike: Sure! It’s been a long drive, I could use a pick-me-up.

Henry leaves and returns with two mugs of coffee and a grin on his face. Henry hands Mike his mug of coffee.

Mike: What the hell is this?

Henry: It’s funny, huh?

Mike: I’m not drinking out of that. I’ll feel like I’m drinking diarrhea.

Henry: But it won’t taste like diarrhea.

Mike: I would normally start making fun of you for knowing what diarrhea tastes like, but I’m so tired, and need caffeine so bad, that I don’t have the energy. But as bad as I need it, I will not drink it out of a toilet mug.

Henry: Alright, alright, fine. I’ll pour it into a different, regular mug.

Mike: No, the damage is done. I’ll just feel like you are trying to trick me into drinking diarrhea.

Henry: Well then, what now?

Mike: Do you have any soda? IN A CAN?




8 thoughts on “Conversation Piece Conversation: Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug”

  1. A long time ago, we made a bong in the shape of a toilet bowl.
    But that was cool.
    This is just…blech.

    Are they any left for gifts for next christmas? I know some people I;d love to give it to,

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