Name Ideas for the Duggars

The Duggars, Michelle and Jim Bob, are expecting their 20th child. All the rest of their kids’ names start with a J, so I’m sure this one will as well. I bet at this point it’s hard to come up with new J names. Here’s 20 suggestions, in case they want to change any of their current children’s names.

1. Joker
2. Jigglypuff (girl)
3. J-name
4. Just forget it, we won’t remember it anyway
5. Jesus-Sue (girl)
6. Jesus-Bob (boy)
7. Jellybean
8. Jor-El
9. Justin Old Fashioned Love Song
10. Jamiroquai
11. Just Do It (Both your and Nike’s slogan)
12. Junkyard Dog
13. Jean Genie
14.Jacques Cousteau-Ray
15. Jolly Roger
16. Jristopher
17. Job (just to mess with him if it’s a boy)
18. Jabberwocky
19. Jager Meister
20. Jagger-Moves Like (it’s trendy and now)

What else?


28 thoughts on “Name Ideas for the Duggars”

  1. Justin Old Fashion Love Song? Brilliant. I was snorting with laughter.

    Ok, now Imma blow your mind because these are actual names I have come across from real life childrens:

    ZJuanta (I know it starts with Z, but it’s probably silent, so it counts, right?)
    Jerusalem Queen

    I swear to the sweet baby jeebus that these are actual people’s real life names. Parents can be so cruel.

  2. I believe that since they have Joy Anna and Johanna, not to mention Joseph and Josie, that they should go with Joe Anna or Joe Hanna.

    Joe Hanna Bob Duggar

    Joe Anna Bob Duggar

    And if it’s a boy, Joe Bob Duggar.

    Or, should they have a moment of dyslexia, Blow Job Duggar.

    Which is what Michelle Bob needs to start doing.

  3. I definitely think “Jesus-Sue” and “Jesus-Bob” will be the likely options. You should email them the list, you know, in case they’re stumped.

  4. I’m a little late to the party, but do they already have a Juan?

    Personally, with that many freakin’ kids, I feel like they should just go George Foreman style and give them all the same name. Jim or Jenny-Bob, 1-20.

  5. You guys crack me up, I just had our seventh (and last) and I really wish you guys could have named her, it would have been perfect.
    As far as the Duggars go, I vote for Jiminy Jeebus.

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