The Least Magic Magic Trick Ever

It’s time again for me to try a Super Friends magic trick. In case you missed it, you can see the re-cap here. In short, Batman twisted up a napkin, Robin couldn’t pull it in half, and Batman revealed that the secret to this amazing feat is dabbing water on the middle to weaken the napkin’s resolve and then break it’s spirit (rip it in half).

And, just to remind everyone, this is how hard Robin tried to get that napkin into two pieces:

Keep that in mind as that is how difficult I expected it to be.

I think getting a jar open would have been more magical and more of a challenge. As you saw, actually unfolding the napkin was more difficult than pulling it in half. Now I just need to pick out a Super Hero name – The Napkinator, maybe?

16 thoughts on “The Least Magic Magic Trick Ever”

  1. I was thinking, while I was watching Batman and Robin, “Who can’t rip a paper napkin? Is that a cloth napkin? If so, water wouldn’t help you rip it.” You proved my theory!

    Also, I’m quite daunted by you now. You are the STRONGEST BLOGGER I KNOW. I’ll know better than to cross YOU in a dark alley with only a napkin as protection.

  2. I hope you brought a rll of paper towels to replace all your Moms fancy-shmancy napkins your ipped.

    NO! I was kidding! Don’t crush me with your super strenght!!!

  3. YOU ARE SO AMAZINGLY STRONG!!! I bow to your superior napkin shredding abilities. You are so bad ass.

    You now need a signal. Since the bat signal is already taken, maybe like a napkin ring or a messy mouth or something.

  4. I don;t know your audience or the demo it would serve but essentially mythbusting superfriend episodes would make a really good cable access tv show.

  5. BWAAHAHAHAHAHA! THAT was amazing! I am now trembling in my slippers (because I’m lazy and still in my p.j.’s at 3pm. Don’t judge me. I’m out of work and went grocery shopping yesterday).
    If I were in the Justice League, I would totally replace Robin with you. Aside from his insanely corny puns and action filled punches, what can he do that you can’t? Apparently not tear a napkin…

  6. I guess the point of that episode was to boost kids’ self esteem.

    “Mom. Mom. Mom, watch this. Look! I’m stronger than Robin. Look, it’s easy to rip the napkin. I’m a super hero.”

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