Super Friends Season 2, Episode 9 – Decoder Word

Super Friends Season 2, Episode 9 – Decoder

Original Airdate – October 29, 1977

After last week’s monstrosity, it’s time to take it easy this week, kick back, and enjoy the code word.

Code Word Part I

Aquaman is hanging out at the local go-cart track for some reason. In his superhero costume. You’d think that this would be a time maybe he could be having it cleaned since he’s obviously not on duty.

Super Friends Go Carts

A young lady pulls up beside him and asks him why he’s there. He says he’s there to give the decoder clue. The decoder clue system is a very sloppy system. They seem to just randomly wander around until someone asks them what they’re doing and then they kind of wing it with the clue. They are just a shade away from wandering lost demented people.

Aquaman asks if she wants to hear the clue and she lies through her teeth, “I sure do! I love trying to figure out the Super Friends codes!” Yeahhhh.

“The first part of the code has two clues,” says Aquaman, buying himself some time to come up with something.

“What’s the first clue?” Asks anonymous go-carter.

“You’re sitting in it,” clues Aquaman.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but the first thing that popped into my head was – “my own urine!?” I wasn’t sitting in my own urine (this time), but I thought maybe the girl was, but then I thought, “but she’d know that Aquaman may not know she’s sitting in her own urine, so it must be ‘car.'” This is how I reach conclusions. I’ll stop sharing now.

She then asks what the second clue is, and he says, “That’s it right there.” I’ve drawn a line from his finger to the ‘it’ for clarification.

Super Friends Clue Two

Sooo, cargo. Cargo is the first code word.

Part II

We’re back at the track and they’re out of their cars.

“That was really great,” exclaims girl.

“Sure was,” concurs Aquaman.

Flirt on your own time, people.

Aquaman says the clue is on this sign – NOT “boat,” another name for boat.

Super Friends Vacation Clue

Sidetrack: this is a terrible ad. I’m assuming they want you to go on a cruise but there’s no name of the company or any contact information. I guess I noticed because I would like to be doing anything but this right now and they provided no means for me to find out more.

One of the reasons I’m daydreaming about being elsewhere is because I’m starting to feel like a third wheel.

“See if you can figure it out while we take another lap,” says Aquaman. Ok, guys, I’ll just be over here by myself with a slice of pizza like I always was in junior high and high school.

Super Friends Third Wheel

And off they go, round and round the track.

Part III

Blah, blah, the code word(s) is cargo ship.

When she gets the word(s) right, he says – “fast thinking!”

Then she says, “but I’m not fast enough to beat you around the track!” And then they both laugh and laugh.

SHUT UP and go find a room.

The End.

If you would like to see these shenanigans for yourself, Season 2 is available on DVD.

10 thoughts on “Super Friends Season 2, Episode 9 – Decoder Word”

  1. Ew, Aquaman does come across as a bit of a flirt in this one, although a slightly sleazy one.

    And is that the outline of hair under his supershirt, or does he have a rash? Young Girl could end up with more than the code words.

  2. everytime i watch the Epic video by Faith No More and see the goldfish flipping around struggling for breath the wicked, nasty, badboy part of me wishes that was Aquaman.

    how many hail marys does that get me for absolution

  3. I have never struck up a conversation with a random stranger whist driving a go-cart. Let alone one who has obvious growths on his chest. Maybe the world of the Super Friends is just that much more friendly and caring. Or people were just never taught to watch out for strangers (except for the SFs, who teach it, but who are perhaps the creepiest strangers one might encounter…)

  4. “Fast thinking”?! It took her an entire episode for that. This seems to be a horribly inefficient system of conveying information.

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