Be Unspired 4

Pinterest and Facebook are full of of pictures with inspirational quotes on them. Sentimentality for sentimentality’s sake doesn’t work on me. I have no ill will towards the people it does inspire, it’s just like how broccoli just tastes bitter to some people – you know, because of genetics and shit. So, when I see these rampantly shared images, my gut reaction is a little different from the people who love them. I get unspired, if you will. Here’s some side-by-side comparisons: on the left, inspiring inspirational inspirement and on the right, my brain’s rejection of it. (P.S. I do know that “unspired” is not a word and there’s “uninspired” as a real word, but “uninspired” suggests that there was an expectation of it being inspired, and I just don’t feel that way, so I made up a word instead).






22 thoughts on “Be Unspired 4”

  1. I love the last one. Plus, I would most likely do one of my “fall going up the stairs” thing seeing as it was all dark and candlelit, meaning severe burns and scorn would be on the menu as well.

  2. You should have more ill will towards people who gravitate towards gunk like this. It’s not just you. It rots the brain like it’s crack cocaine.

  3. I was going to say the diaper one was my favorite, but then I read the funeral one … and then the stairs and candles (and am I the only one who read this from the bottom stair up before realizing that made no sense at all????). You are the queen of being unspired!

  4. Pretty much I always want to do the opposite of what these inspirations say.. I guess cause they feel trite? Condescending? Your funeral one was particularly funny

  5. I love these so much. So, so much.

    I do have an nice alternative for the “It does not matter how slowly you go” one:

    The slower you go, the sooner you die of exposure and frost bite.

    Can totally relate to that one these days. When it’s -30 degrees, you tend to hustle a little more. And I guarantee it ain’t a balmy 80 degrees up in those mountains you’re climbing. Move your arse!

  6. Yay! An unspired post! I love them all.

    Actually, I thought about your unspired-isms over the holidays. We have an acquaintance that is a BIG time inspirational over-poster…splashed all over facebook, below her signature in emails. Anyway, she gave all her coworkers BPA free water bottles embossed with inspirational quotes. Naturally I wondered how you’d translate her message:)

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