Be Unspired

Pinterest and Facebook are full of of pictures with inspirational quotes on them. Sentimentality for sentimentality’s sake doesn’t work on me. I have no ill will towards the people it does inspire, it’s just like how broccoli just tastes bitter to some people – you know, because of genetics and shit. So, when I see these rampantly shared images, my gut reaction is a little different from the people who love them. I get unspired, if you will. Here’s some side-by-side comparisons: on the left, inspiring inspirational inspirement and on the right, my brain’s rejection of it.

38 thoughts on “Be Unspired”

  1. I think the sentimental gene skipped me too. I loved all of these especially “just keep pumping” and “stop littering.” Great advice!

  2. OMG… LOVE this post! How funny would it be to put little reminders to “stop littering” all over the place. I used to sticker tag with my friends… wish I had thought of that one. All we did was add things to stop signs… like “the insanity,” “making sense,” and, my personal favorite, “collaborate and listen”

  3. That is why I have never visited Pinterest. I would be inspired to poke pins in a voodoo doll of people posting tons of “inspirational” things.

    You’re good people.

    1. I can attest to that. At least on my friend’s wall, the ratio of number of inspirational quotes to bad life decisions made is pretty much 1:1.

  4. HAHAHAHAHA. You should start your own anti-motivational/inspirational viral meme movement. I would be inspired to “like” and “share” them, if I wasn’t so busy “liking” and “sharing” pictures of Joe Manganiello without his shirt and heartwarming photos of dogs.

  5. Ha!
    You know, I don’t know why I think it is better to say HA! than then odious LOL.
    Anyway, particularly loved the heart one… and the man in that picture!

  6. See, I like the ones that look all pretty and make you think it’s gonna be some syrupy sweet bullshit, and then it’s really something completely irreverent and inappropriate. It’s like BAM! Asshole. Love it.

    And seriously with the littering. Cut that shit out.

  7. It bugs me when people tweet and the facebooks these quotes. Make up your own. Where’s the birthday card that says

    “dude, you made it another year. as crazy as you are and as many drugs as you did, you should just feel lucky to be upright.”

    like abby and amy, we are alike. Carpe Diem…i mean Try to not screw anything up today but if you do, tweet it.

  8. I had to laugh at this. At one point my friends and I had a friend on facebook that would post all of these ridiculous pictures and sayings on our walls. Finally, one of my other friends (who is as jaded, sarcastic, and cranky as me) said, “Julie, let me know who’s making you post all these inane ‘inspirational’ pictures, and I will hunt them down and punch them for you.”

    She never posted one on our walls again. To her own, to be sure, so we still saw them in our newsfeed, but at least she stopped putting them on our walls. *whew*

  9. The haircut one really speaks to me. I’m bad at that.

    I think a truly inspirational poster would be a kitten holding a cutlass in pirate dress. Seriously if a kitten can hold up a giant knife without help and no thumbs I would be impressed.

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