Be Unspired II

Pinterest and Facebook are full of of pictures with inspirational quotes on them. Sentimentality for sentimentality’s sake doesn’t work on me. I have no ill will towards the people it does inspire, it’s just like how broccoli just tastes bitter to some people – you know, because of genetics and shit. So, when I see these rampantly shared images, my gut reaction is a little different from the people who love them. I get unspired, if you will. Here’s some side-by-side comparisons: on the left, inspiring inspirational inspirement and on the right, my brain’s rejection of it. (P.S. I do know that “unspired” is not a word and there’s “uninspired” as a real word, but “uninspired” suggests that there was an expectation of it being inspired, and I just don’t feel that way, so I made up a word instead).

28 thoughts on “Be Unspired II”

  1. “I can’t even read this” is my favorite this time. I am totally unspired…even more so than I was when I got to work this morning. Mission accomplished.

  2. Definitely loved “I can’t even read this” – and the second to the last cracked me up too.

    This is totally your multimillion dollar idea – legions of us would snap up unspired t-shirts, coffee mugs, and magnets. And then we’d go and taunt inspirational quote users with our unspiredness.

  3. That is the perfect way to fix that unspired unreadable text. And I agree with the above about the need to create unspired t-shirts, magnets and mugs. We must combat the insipidly inspired with your unspiredness!!

  4. um, i think that you should do whatever magical computer thing people do where they’re all like ‘hey, remember that funny/cool/sentimental wacky picture thing i made, well now it’s a downloadable full color pdf file for you to enjoy at your leisure’? you should do that. i would totally like to put the bit of the heart/piece of the mind one on my wall…

  5. because I sometimes…ok, fine, often post about my anxiety disorder and my bad days with it, people send me inspirational quotes, Bible verses, and random messages.

    While I appreciate the thought, don;t these fools know what a cynical wise ass I am?

    My favorite one is also “”i can’t read this”.

  6. I know EXACTLY how you feel! One day I got so aggravated by a wall full of inspirational quotes, I went through my FB friends list and axed everyone who had posted a quote.

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