Super Friends Season 2, Episode 7 – Decoder Clue

Super Friends Season 2, Episode 7 – De-Coder Clue

Original Airdate – December 10, 1977

This week I only had time to focus on the code word for the next story.

The Saga of the Code Word
Wonder Woman in her invisible jet spies a Father-Son Picnic and decides, “I’ll try out my decoder clues at that picnic.”

Uh huh, and grab a plateful of free food while you’re at it. I got you, Wonder Woman.

For some reason, a bunch of the kids are practicing rope tricks. I’m not a son and have never attended a father-son picnic, so I guess this is just what y’all do there.

“This picnic has a perfect clue to my secret code word,” says Wonder Woman.

“What’s the clue?” asks child cowboy number one.

“You all are! You all have fathers here and what you are to your fathers is the first part of the code word!” – Wonder Woman

Ok, um, disappointments? Dream crushers? Burdens? Oh, no, wait, I started guessing too soon. Wonder Woman flings her lasso, which somehow begins pointing to the clue answer.

Part II
Wonder Woman expands the confounding nature of the stupid clues. They are either completely obvious: “We’re in a cave! The first clue is where we are.” Or, they are manipulated and wrestled to the ground and then beaten to submission. This is that kind of clue.
What follows is the full conversation, with Wonder Woman playing the role of Clue God, manipulating each player into eventually and excruciatingly arriving at the damn clue.
Wonder Woman begins a footrace between the kids.

Kid: What’s the next clue?
Wonder Woman (upbeat and bossy): Award the trophy first!
Kid: Hey, that was terrific! Here’s your trophy! (hands winning kid trophy)
Wonder Woman: Just a minute, could you polish it for him?
Kid: Ok? (polishes trophy) …there, that’ll make it shine
Winning kid: Thanks!
Wonder Woman: And thanks for the decoder clue!
Kid: Clue?
Wonder Woman: You just saw the second clue, it’s what you gave that trophy a moment ago!

Part III

The decoder word is sunshine. Sunshine.

The kids figure it out, good for them. And this image is actually an optical illusion:

It looks like her invisible plane is in front of their table full of food, but no, that table is empty and all the food is in the plane. Wonder Woman stole all that food. Then, just like that, (blows fingers like Verbal Kint), she was gone.

If you would like to see these shenanigans for yourself, Season 2 is available on DVD.

10 thoughts on “Super Friends Season 2, Episode 7 – Decoder Clue”

  1. How awesome was it for a bunch of preteen boys to have scantily clad Wonder Woman at their all dude picnic?

    Me thinks there’s was some pervy intentions in the writer’s minds on this one.

  2. Holy crap. It all suddenly makes sense. The whole thing is one long Super-Friends / The Usual Suspects mindfuck. Probably all from the mouth of Aquaman, because he’s never responsible for any of this shit.
    “It wasn’t you who summoned the whale into the mine and certain doom… it was Superman, wasn’t it?!”
    “No. I called the whale. It was my idea.”
    “I don’t think you had any idea they wanted to lure that whale into the mine. I think you did what Superman TOLD you to do.”
    (Sobbing) “Yes. It was Superman. It was always Superman.”

  3. I had to go to a father and son event when I was 13 and I can tell you there were no rope tricks involved. Of course, that *could* be because I’m a girl and they didn’t want me to see their secret rope shenanigans.

  4. Doesn’t “Annual Father and Sons Picnic” imply one father and many sons? I think this is actually a Joseph Smith / Dewey Cox style family reunion.

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