The All-New Super Friends Round Up S2 Ep1B

Season 2, Episode 1, Storyline B – “Joy Ride”

Original Airdate: September 10, 1977

Short Synopsis: Two teens decide to take a plane for a joy ride. Not just any plane, but a plane whose engine could go out at any moment. Corky, the instigator, is 10 hours away from earning his license. Once in the air Corky decides to “have some fun with the local beach bums.” Two of those bums are the Wonder Twins. Yadda yadda yadda, everything turns out fine.

Ladies and Gentleman, May I Present to You
The Wonder Twins were new characters. They didn’t show up in the comics until after the first few episodes of the All-New Hour aired. When introducing new characters, you really should make a great first impression. This is the first time we ever see Jayna and Zan in action:

And, our introduction to Gleek:

Obviously, super heroes who are to be taken very seriously.

It just seems overly complicated.
Let’s briefly discuss how the Wonder Twins get from point A to point B:
Step 1 – They bump fists and say “Wonder Twins power, activate!” (which we know is just a bad habit and not necessary).
Step 2 – Jayna becomes an eagle, Zan becomes purple water.
Step 3 – Zan, able to control the shape and movement of the water he’s become, jumps into a bucket, which they must have to lug everywhere they go.
Step 4 – Gleek holds bucket with Zan-water in it and Jayna flies around with Gleek in her talons, see here:

I’m not one to mess with perfection, because this is, somehow, perfect. But, can I just say, that the idea that the twins not only have to transform into very narrow areas (animal and freakin’ water), that they have to both do it at the same time is really a special touch. What’s that, Zan? You don’t want to be an ice cube? Well, too bad, Jayna needs to turn into a ring tailed lemur.

Other facts to know about The Wonder Twins:
1.    Jayna can still talk, even if she’s an eagle. And she doesn’t say “I want to eat some salmon,” she says stuff that Jayna would want to say.
2.    Zan can also talk as water – the water sloshes out of the bucket when he’s talking. Rude.
3.    When he’s a larger body of water, his face shows up to chat (to Jayna, in the form of a pterodactyl).

It’s De-coder Time!
After the Wonder Twins story, Superman shows up and tells us kids he’s going to give us clues to a secret word, a word that will be very important in the next story. Then, he grabs a cloud and starts turning it into a “picture clue.” All we have to do is remember this clue and put it together with the next one.


Tune in next week for the next story, which I assume is going to involve things that children shouldn’t be seeing.

If you would like to see these shenanigans for yourself, Season 2 is available on DVD.

P.S. If you want to read even more philosophical musings about The Wonder Twins and Gleek, here’s an entry on the great Point Counter-Point Point Point.

12 thoughts on “The All-New Super Friends Round Up S2 Ep1B”

  1. All I got from this was that someone’s name was Corky. Okay, I got more- Gleek is probably the first annoying cartoon weird ‘extra’ character that ruins an already perfect show. Screw him.

    1. You’ve already mentally blocked out Superman’s indecent proposal, I see.

      I’m wondering if Gleek is going to end up being the Wendy and Marvin of the show – the only one who actually does anything useful. He’s the one who actually saved the plane from crashing.

  2. I still don’t understand why any of those ridiculous ‘comic relief’ “superheroes” were necessary. As a kid I HATED them. I didn’t even like Jan and Jayce from Spaceghost. For godsake just leave justice to the professionals.

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