Here’s a picture of a dog stacked on another dog because I don’t have much going on right now and don’t want to turn my brain on.

The dog on the bottom is Milo, a former foster dog. He’s a puggle – a pug/beagle mix. They are insane. In a good way, but they are just nuts. That spot he’s lying in is Ed’s spot. Ed is a really good dog – he doesn’t cause trouble unless absolutely necessary, but he also holds his ground and is incredibly headstrong. Since Milo was in Ed’s spot, Ed spent a good amount of time sitting on the floor trying to stare a hole through Milo. When that didn’t work, he decided to just jump up there. Usually, this works perfectly because Jenkins, our other dog, is a big wuss and will move to give Ed his spot. But, this was Milo, who doesn’t mind direct contact (Jenkins likes his personal space), and is nutty in a “I don’t care, you can sit on my head” kind of way. So there they sat, Milo on the couch and Ed on Milo, each unwilling to compromise. I feel like there’s a life lesson or an analogy in there somewhere, but I’m not really concerned with what it could be because I just find the picture funny. That one dog is sitting on that other dog’s head, heh heh.

The end.

P.S. WordPress is being all weird and not doing what I ask it to – it’s like it knows I’m trying to post a phoned in blog entry. If I were currently drunk I would slur “shuttupwordpress, I’ll do what’s best for me cause I know what’s best, go back to pressing your words and I’ll worry about mene” (that’s a combination of “mine” and “me”). So, if this post is lost when I hit Publish, well, ok, I guess that’s for the best.

P.P.S. My wireless mouse died and I have no patience for the trackpad or whatever it thinks it’s called. Thus, I can’t do stuff I want to do like copy and paste and photoshop a picture of a makeup bag. So you get this. And I know in the grand scheme of things this is really not a problem. People who don’t have fingers to even use trackpads have it much worse. I’m sorry.

P.P.S.2  I told you in the title that I wasn’t going to turn my brain on so if you’re reading this far down it’s pretty much your own fault. Ha ha ha, I laugh at you!

25 thoughts on “Here’s a picture of a dog stacked on another dog because I don’t have much going on right now and don’t want to turn my brain on.”

  1. Maybe it’s becuase I don’t have much going on right now and I don’t want to turn my brain on, but the picture isn’t showing up. I’m bummed. I wanted to see stacked dogs, dammit.

  2. Ed is me in dog form.

    If I can’t stare a hole in you, I will damned well stack myself on top.

    Go, Ed!

    Wait…..Brains turn ON? When the hell did that happen? Why didn’t anyone tell ME?

    1. Your dog is a big wimp, right? As long as the other dog doesn’t pick on him, he’d probably be ok. Jenkins is a big wimp and he deals fine. The only issues we’ve had was when we had insecure foster dogs who would pick on him because they knew he’d take it. Of course Jenkins has been used to another dog in the house since he was a puppy so there’s that, too.

  3. I need to better understand the concept of foster dogs. In people world, foster kids are those kids that aren’t placed with their actual birth parents. . . in dog world, are you suggesting that you gave birth to ONE of the dogs, but the other dog you’re raising on behalf of its parents?

  4. I think dog stacked on dog is a legit post. But I like dogs. And what’s better than stackables?

    I freaking hate the little touch pad thingy too. If my mouse dies then it’s like the whole laptop is broken.

  5. That is epic. I love that he was pretty much like, “fine, you won’t get out of my spot? I’ll sit on YOU sitting on my spot.” It sort of reminds me of Joey and Chandler fighting over the chair in Monica’s apartment. When Milo got up, did he take the cushion with him?

  6. Sooo…I was scared to open this post at work and get flagged for dog on dog action. I’m glad that’s not what this is.

    Don’t give up, Ed. That spot practically has your name on it.

      1. I do believe that is the first occurrence of that phrase in the English language.
        Might have happened in French though. No telling what those people are up to…

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