Hot dog! and I don’t agree on what “wrong” means.

Tom and I found this old issue of the kid’s magazine “Hot dog!” from 1984 at a thrift store. We paid 25 cents for it because who wouldn’t?

I didn't read the Garfield article.

Inside they had a “figure out what’s wrong in this picture” thingy. According to them, there was seven things wrong. “EASY!” I yelled to myself, and quickly found all seven:

1. The ladybug isn’t seasonally appropriate and doesn’t have a coat on.
2. That guy calls “Inception” “The Inception” and no one will correct him.
3. The signature in the snow isn’t yellow.
4. She’s giving everyone the bird under that mitten.
5. She’s an award-winning ice skater and is only falling to get attention.
6. He’s putting on a brave happy face even though his parents are getting a divorce.
7. Mice don’t wave.

I didn’t get a single one right. I call bullshit. I saw the “No Ice Fiching” sign, but I learned spelling from Super Friends, so I figured it was fine.

Hot Dog and I also don’t agree on what the word “fooled” means:

You are missing a layer of premise, Hot dog!. Stupid Hot dog!. You’d need to do something like steal your friend’s wallet or shank them while they’re busy spelling if you wanted to fool them. This is more a “make your friend think you’re weird” gag.


18 thoughts on “Hot dog! and I don’t agree on what “wrong” means.”

  1. I agree with you, that’s just a lame attempt at making your friend look stupid, which is worthwhile, but does not truly constitute fooling them. Plus, I’d suggest something wittier than “fooled ya.” Perhaps: “who wants some skittles?” or “would you like to phone home?”

  2. I think Christopher Nolan should makes a movie of this. Inception was great.. Maybe he could team Leo DiCaprio from that movie with Christian Bale from the Batmens

    1. OMG, you are right!! That IS a depiction of the elusive Squabbit. Wow, that definitely should have been circled. They are very private creatures and would not just be sitting around with lesser non-hybrid animals, holding onto their nuts! Good call, Jayne.

  3. You can definitely tell this magazine was from the 80’s. Not only would you fool a kid nowadays, but you would totally confuse the hell out of them. “What’s an ET?”

    Thanks, Carrie. Now I feel all old and shit. Day-um.

  4. Hey, what’s up with that weird squirrel with the Men In Black shades in the tree? It is so wrong that a squirrel would need to wear sunglasses inside the darkness of the tree interior!

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