The All-New Super Friends Round Up S2 Ep5 – Left Over Segments

I’ve been at the beach all this past week. The next segment is called “Super Friends vs Super Friends” and it looks like they are forced to fight each other in an arena gladiator-style. There is no way I’m going to half-ass (or quarter-ass because I’m always half-assing it) what may be a dream come true like that, so I’m going to save it for when I won’t be distracted by much more fun things to do.

So, this week we’ll be looking at the in-between segments I usually add on to the regular stories.

Safety Time!
Someone has blown a fuse at the Justice League headquarters. Robin wonders what caused it.

Batman: Too many machines plugged into the same electrical circuit, Robin.

My guess? Each Super Friend insists on having their own hairdryer and they all use them at the same time. It just seems like something they’d do. Plus there’s exactly the right number of outlets for each person.

Decoder Part 1
As you all already know, the decoders are clues to a “code word” that pertains to the third storyline.

This week it’s Aquaman’s turn (again) to dole out the clues. We show up to see Aquaman in the middle of playing matador with a dolphin. That seems like a proper use of his super powers.

Then, he gives us the clue, which is perfectly worded, as all Aquaman clues are: “The first part of the code word is the last part of my name, or kind of sounds like it.” Which is it you bastard, is it the last part of your name or does it sound like the last part of your name?

Decoder Part II
Now that we have the first clue – man, or ma, or mango, or cram, or whatever is or sounds like the last part of “Aquaman,” it’s time for the second clue.

“I think we can find it in the galley of this old wreck,” Aquaman says with his dumb mouth.

“It’s what I’m doing by mixing this old stew pot.”

Hmmm, making a further mockery of yourself? No? Shirking your super hero duties? Making Ariel the little mermaid look macho compared to you? Aw, shucks, I’m stumped.

De-Coder Solution
Uh, whatever you say, Aquaman.

“We get ‘man stir’ and that’s a sound alike for ‘monster!’ See ya, I’m gonna do some more exploring” By “exploring” he means “man stirring.”

Now, I’m off to the ocean, I’ll let you know if I hear any good dirt on Aquaman from the sea life.

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