Be Unspired III

Pinterest and Facebook are full of of pictures with inspirational quotes on them. Sentimentality for sentimentality’s sake doesn’t work on me. I have no ill will towards the people it does inspire, it’s just like how broccoli just tastes bitter to some people – you know, because of genetics and shit. So, when I see these rampantly shared images, my gut reaction is a little different from the people who love them. I get unspired, if you will. Here’s some side-by-side comparisons: on the left, inspiring inspirational inspirement and on the right, my brain’s rejection of it. (P.S. I do know that “unspired” is not a word and there’s “uninspired” as a real word, but “uninspired” suggests that there was an expectation of it being inspired, and I just don’t feel that way, so I made up a word instead).

21 thoughts on “Be Unspired III”

  1. I would actually like to edit the “So…exhale?” to “So…inhale?” I think I would be much more (creatively) inspired if I followed that advice instead.

  2. These make me laugh, but also cry a little inside. I have mentioned previously in my blog that I have an au pair. Well, our previous one left, and we now have a new one (they cycle through every year). This new one likes to post inspirational posts on FB . . . in spanish. So, every couple days (she must store them up or something) there will be all of these inspirational posts from her, but most are in spanish, so I have no idea HOW exactly I’m supposed to be inspired. Today was a new record . . . she posted 19 in a row. IN A ROW. Sigh. This is gonna be a very long year.

  3. I see Gizmo! Speaking of, I’ve had a question for awhile that I’m hoping you can answer. We all know Gizmo as a sweet and cuddly mogwai, but would he turn evil like the others if he ate after midnight?

    The others seemed kind of nasty even before they turned into demon like gremlins. So would Gizmo just turn into a sweet and friendly demon like gremlin, or would he become evil? I’m just going to wait her, continuously pressing refresh until you answer. Thanks.

    1. I think that is the most pressing issue of our times. I have made all the same observations you have, particularly about the pre-gremlin mogwai being little assholes. They even actively participated in the act of being fed after midnight, pulling the plug on Billy’s clock and all.

      If we go by the traditional Chinese lore of the mogwai, then yes, Gizmo is capable of turning into a gremlin, but I feel the film left room for the interpretation that Gizmo was the exception.

  4. I love unspired! It should totally be an officially word. Make it so.

    And WTF is up with the creepy face on the rose in the scar one? Yuck. It looks like the wicked witch being melted. Maybe that’s the point, but still. Gross and creeptastic.

    As long as we’re WTFing, what is the deal with amalgam of wild animals photo? Gizmo in your version is the only thing that even makes it make sense. I don’t get it.

    It must be Friday because I’m bitchy. Or bitchier than normal.

    1. I didn’t even notice the face in the rose! What a terrifying discovery.

      I think the wilderness picture came with some inspirational quote that wasn’t actually on the picture. People just can’t stop painting animals in landscapes once they start.

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