Super Friends Season 2, Episode 8 – “Initiation”

Super Friends Season 2, Episode 8, Storyline B – “Initiation”

Original Airdate – October 22, 1977

Short Synopsis: “Late at night, in a remote mountain area, The Bear Club drives their van through the lonesome pines on their way to the final and most dangerous part of initiation for one of it’s new members.” – Narrator

First of all, “lonesome pines?” Go back to hippie town, liberal arts poet Narrator.

Second of all, The Bear Club? and Bear Club initiation? The Bear Club has changed a lot over the years. Now it’s about collecting teddy bears. I wonder if this episode had a lot to do with the change in focus.

The Bear Club seems to be quite exclusive, there’s only three members and then the new guy, Jeff. Phil is the ringleader. The other two didn’t have names so again, I’ve proved one for them.

They’ve driven Jeff to a cave and told him he has to get a picture of “Ol’ Slowpoke,” who “couldn’t catch his own shadow.” Jeff, who is worried about wandering into a dark cave and startling a bear with a camera flash, is assured that everything will be fine.

I Can’t Believe It! Taking a Picture of a Bear in a Pitch Black Cave Didn’t Turn Out Well!

Now, we ALL know what Jeff’s problem is: he didn’t eat breakfast.

Nope, this can’t be a sweet simple story about a kid being eaten by a bear.

Noooo, The Wonder Twins have to be involved.

The Wonder Twins are in the middle of a camping trip. We see Zan struggling to open a folding chair with requisite funky “waa-waa-waa” music in the background. This is mercifully cut short by the Trouble Alert about stupid Jeff and Ol’ Slowpoke, the hero of the story.

The Wonder Twins (and space monkey Gleek) find Jeff cornered in the cave by the bear. If you were someone who could change into the shape of any animal in the face of immediate danger from a grizzly bear, what form would you choose? If you chose anything other than a gopher, you’re a fucking idiot.

Because, DUH, you would need to be a gopher to dig a moat around the bear so your brother, who takes the shape of water, can then put himself in it, keeping the bear from getting to Jeff.

Even though bears love the water and Ol’ Slowpoke would have waded right through that shit.


Jeff makes it out alive, and Phil, who must have been exposed to radiation during the cave scenes to grow a mega long giant super-arm, apologizes to Jeff for putting him in danger.

And there was no mention of eating a proper breakfast! What complete negligence on the part of The Wonder Twins.

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If you would like to see these shenanigans for yourself, Season 2 is available on DVD.


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  1. OK, I really shouldn’t eat while catching up on my blogroll.

    I laughed so hard at Joey Cameltoe (seriously, what is happening there?) that I choked on my apple.

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