Super Friends Season 2, Episode 8 – Safety Segment

Super Friends Season 2, Episode 8 – Safety Segment

Short and sweet this week. Next week is another bear-related storyline. Bears!

Original Airdate – October 22, 1977

Wonder Woman is flying over a city in her plane and witnesses a kid and his mom about to cross the street. Mom is leading her kid right into the street away from the crosswalk.

The kid is all, “mom, no, you use a crosswalk, stupid.”

And when they reach the other side of the street, there’s Wonder Woman, magically landed and out of her plane. Where the hell is her plane and how did she land it so fast? This is not the first time the Safety Segment has had unbelievable traffic laws of physics.

“I spotted the two of you from my jet. I wanted to compliment you on your safety sense. Deciding to use the crosswalk – smart move, congratulations!”

So the Super Friends have now even run out of people to teach lessons to? Now they’re just running around congratulating people for things they should have done in the first place? There’s not even a cat in a tree they could help?

If you would like to see these shenanigans for yourself, Season 2 is available on DVD.


4 thoughts on “Super Friends Season 2, Episode 8 – Safety Segment”

  1. It seems they educated all the children of the world, but the adults are still going for Darwin Awards in the dangerous realm of jaywalking. The only solution is obviously to have all adults watch more Super Friends.

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