Super Friends Season 2, Episode 8 – Extra Segments

Super Friends Season 2, Episode 8 – Extra Segments

Original Airdate – October 22, 1977

This week we look at our decoder clues and magic trick.

Decoder, Part I

The decoder clues unveil a word that applies to last week’s story. This one is another strange, unexplained plot involving Batman and Robin.

Batman and Robin are driving around at night. Ok, fine, they must do that all the time since that’s probably when they go on their crime patrols. Robin then says, “boy, I could sure use a good night’s sleep, Batman.” Alright, ok, Robin isn’t up for a patrol, I guess? I suppose Batman can just drive Robin home and-

“There’s a place right there where we can stop, Robin!” – Batman

“I hope the beds are good Batman, I’m ready for some serious slumber!” – Robin.

WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Are they on a road trip? What is happening?

“Hold on, Robin, there’s something we need to take care of before we check in.” – Batman

Oh, God, what? *puts hands over eyes in horror, peeks through fingers*

“The first clue to the code!” – Batman


“The name of the place we’re parked in front of, and I’ll give you a hint, the word’s NOT hotel,” Batman clues.

 Decoder, Part II

Batman looks at some kind of radar something and cheerily declares, “looks like everything’s all clear!” ALL CLEAR FROM WHAT!? The local authorities because you’ve brought a teenage boy to a hotel? What!?

Things get even more odd. “Great! Now, let’s get some rest,” Robin kind of begs.

“NOT UNTIL WE GIVE THE SECOND CLUE TO THE CODE,” Batman testily replies. He really seems to be annoyed at this point.

“Suffering Shut Eye, Batman, I hope it isn’t a hard one!” – Robin

Hard one? HAHAHAHAHAHA *composes self*

“It’s the first four letters of the name of the divisions on the radar screen.” – Batman.

Dear God in heaven up above, now I need a fucking nap.

“Those are called ‘sectors.’ Is sectors the second clue?” – Robin

“The first four letters are you sleepy idiot who wasn’t listening when I clearly stated it was the first four letters.” – Batman

Batman asks Robin if he can stay awake long enough to guess the code word in the exact same tone parents ask their kids if they can hold their pee long enough to get to the next gas station.

Robin yawns and says he thinks so.

Decoder III

TWIST – he couldn’t stay awake.

Batman rouses Robin and demands to know the code word. Robin explains that it is “insect.” Batman then says, “not too bad for someone who fell asleep on the job.” Daaaaaammmnnnn. Then, they both laugh uproariously at Robin’s incompetence.

HA! HA! Robin sucks.

Magic Trick

Magic Trick Time! This week Aquaman will be our magician. Great.

Aquaman is in the ocean – not the specially built magic theater that probably cost a fortune – swimming around aimlessly. Really. He can’t find a sunken treasure and is looking for it with no luck. Then, an octopus takes pity on him and points him in the right direction:

“Thanks for the head!” says Aquaman. Thanks for the head? Is that a thing, I mean other than what you would say after you got a blowjob?

Aquaman finds the treasure and tells us that the trick he shall teach us is called “The Disappearing Coin Illusion.” He puts the coin in his hand, closes his palm, opens it again, and the coin is GONE! Gasp! Here’s how it’s done:

Step two and a half: close your palm and have your finger in contact with the dime. Hover your hand over your fist to buy time, then:

Then, close your hand again and “release” the dime from your nail.

That’s all fine and dandy, but may I remind you, Aquaman, that YOU ARE UNDER WATER. There’s no way that worked.


If you would like to see these shenanigans for yourself, Season 2 is available on DVD.


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  1. dude, we just witnessed a crime. the Batman was waiting for the GHB roofie to take affect. Thus, a hotel, Robin’s lack of energy, and the obvious sex crime.

    i need a shower

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