Ohhh, ok. I think I got it now.

I’m at Disney World this week. I was at Hollywood Studios in the bathroom about to do what I thought was wash my hands until I saw this helpful tip.


Say WHAT!? Wet hands!? RINSE? DRY???? Up to now I’d been smearing soap all over my dry hands and then eating a paper towel – this is saying that’s NOT how it’s done. THANK YOU Brawny brand paper towels for giving me such great tips for how to wash my hands.


17 thoughts on “Ohhh, ok. I think I got it now.”

  1. I followed these instructions to the letter but I’m still confused.

    It didn’t say WHERE to apply the soap, so I smeared it all over my face and upper-chest area, and then it didn’t say to rinse that part off, so I’ve been walking around all day with soap drying all over myself.

    GAH. Thanks a LOT, Brawny.

  2. Were there instructions in the cubicles for how to clean oneself after doing whatever?

    Come on, toilet paper makers, don’t let Brawny get ahead of you!

  3. What is it with you and bathrooms? 😉

    I probably saw this same thing in April and had no reaction to the idiocy of it. I think I may be losing my touch, Carrie.

  4. Disney World? You should have tons to write about.

    Also, it would be nice if Brawny would just wash my hands for me, rather than try to teach me this complex system.

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