Beach Week – Highlights

Last week I bitched about the wonderful week I just spent at the beach. Now it’s time to discuss the interesting and fun things that happened.

– “I would use my magic wand on her, steal her powers, and then throw her in a trashcan.” – my 4 year old niece on what she would do to the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

When I suggested she was sounding a bit like an evil queen herself, she denied such accusations.

She’s an interesting little lady. She loves princesses, in theory, but her true passion is for villains.  Her favorite character was the Evil Queen in Snow White, which she watched for the first time last week. Her favorite character in Wizard of Oz is Glinda, but we all know Glinda is a a mega bitch and the true villain of that movie.

– Salt water taffy. I have a serious salt water taffy problem. The only time I eat it is at the beach once a year, but I REALLY go all out. There’s a specific candy store/gift shop where you can get flavors like honey, caramel swirl, cinnamon, etc. So of course as always I bought a big bag of the stuff.

Salt water taffy is a bit like my tumultuous love affair with candy corn. It’s bad for me, it makes me feel like shit, but I can’t stay away. But since I’m supposed to be reminiscing positive memories, I’ll move on.

– My two year old nephew got a hold of my phone camera (ok, I gave it to him willingly). I’d like to present to you The Toddler Collection: Beach Edition. Prints can be purchased if desired.

"Chaise Lounge Tableau"
“Chaise Lounge Tableau”
"Bottom of Side Table" (1 of 20)
“Bottom of Side Table” (1 of 20)
"A Father's Foot"
“A Father’s Foot”
"Pepperoni on a Plate"
“Pepperoni on a Plate”
"The Creeping Abyss"
“The Creeping Abyss”
"Ed's Butt with Besocked Foot"
“Ed’s Butt with Besocked Foot”

9 thoughts on “Beach Week – Highlights”

  1. Funny! #1 of the “Bottom of Side Table” would look nice in my bathroom, but I think the names of the photos are what will sell them.

  2. Amazingly, your two year old nephew’s photos are better than any of those taken by people I follow on Instagram (No offense to anyone I follow on Instagram who also happens to be reading this)

  3. Amy is right. It’s important to use your magical powers only for good, such as murdering bad people or monsters, who have no personal backstories or motivations other than an evil nature.

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