Even if you’re stealing my underwear and making fun of me and my belongings, it’s worth it.

Hotels. I love hotels. Most likely this is due to really only staying in them when doing fun things. Whatever the reason, I think what it comes down to is coming back to a made bed. There is really nothing like leaving the room with a messy bed or two, and then coming back to made beds, re-folded towels, and new soap. I love not having to do things, and making the bed is way up there.

And I’m sure the cleaning crew have to power to do all sorts of things, particularly involving underpants and abscondtion (a word I just made up) involving anything in the room, but dammit, the power of a made bed is too irresistible. Since I’m currently at Disney, I’m just assuming the whole thing goes down magically, anyway. They keep throwing that word around, so I just apply it to everything, including my swirled, messy sheets.

16 thoughts on “Even if you’re stealing my underwear and making fun of me and my belongings, it’s worth it.”

  1. Hotels are the schizzle fo’ rizzle. Tiny shampoos, tiny soaps, tiny hand lotion. I like to run around the room in my underwear with my tiny toiletries and pretend I’m Darryl Hannah in ‘Attack of the 50-Foot Woman’.

  2. I used to be a maid in a hotel at Disney, and it never occurred to me to look at people’s underwear. I sure missed a lot of opportunities! (Well, except for the towel thing, that’s actually a little weird to me. Now if they left you one of the Seven Dwarfs or something to keep you company, that’d be different)

    1. I tried to leave a tip for the maid for three days, and they never took it! I even tried to put it on the back of the toilet, thinking surely they’ll know I meant to leave it there for them, but then I thought, maybe they don’t want money that’s been on the toilet?

      1. Maids don’t take money left out unless you have checked out and cleared out. You could leave a note with it that states that it’s a tip.

  3. You should put her in your pocket and take her home…or send her to me! Just make sure she has breathe holes or you will have to clap…a lot.

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