Five Minute Movies 4: A New Five Minute Movies

It’s amazing how one little thought, idea, or action could have seriously shortened some movies and solved most of the characters’ problems. Examples:

Batman Begins

Friday the 13th

The 39 Steps


Edward Scissorhands

21 thoughts on “Five Minute Movies 4: A New Five Minute Movies”

  1. This is why I don’t go to the movies. Everything can be wrapped up neat and tidy in the span of just a few minutes. Genius.

  2. I have never heard of 39 steps. Once it’s simplified, would it be renamed as “One step?”

    I can’t wait to see Edward Scooperhands just take over Ben & Jerry’s shop. That will be epic scooperage.

  3. I love the dialog in 39 Steps there, excellent. Scissorhands too. You have a real ear for conversational speak. And “talky bubbles” – these talents together, my god, the possibilities…

  4. all excellenta dn hilarious, especially 39 steps.

    5 minute movies, Meryl Streep edition:

    1) French Leitenant’s Woman. You know, Sarah, I’m engaged, and we’re under acliff. Kinda weird. Take care of yourself.

    2) Kramer vs. Kramer – “Ted, I hate you. But its 1979 and the woman always gets the kid. Here’s my attorney’s number. I’ll be across town if you ned me.”

    3) Silkwood – Hey nuclear power plant people, this is my two week notice. I’d rather wait tables than be exposed to radiation. Please don’t kill me.

    4) The River Wild – “Dude, you look like Kevin Bacon. You’re either Footloose or a creep. That’s all you play. Leave my family alone, we’re on vaca.”

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