33 thoughts on “Five Minute Movies”

  1. War Games – “maybe I should get out of the house and play sports or something”

    Thelma & Louise – “hey, we should get divorced and avoid truckstop dudes”

    The Godfather – “Dad, I’ve got an education, a nice wife, and I hate guns. No thanks, you keep the family business of crime and killing people.”

  2. Nice compilation! My addition: Any Woody Allen movie in which he is the romantic lead: “Gross! That dude looks like Woody Allen.”

  3. ET – “nah, it’s probably just a stray in the yard.”
    The Sixth Sense – “Dude, you’re dead. Move on already.”
    Any James Bond movie:
    Bond: “What is the plan before you kill me?”
    Villain: Shoots Bond multiple times w/ .45

  4. Hangover & Hangover II: Hey, let’s not invite Alan to the bachelor party/wedding, ok? Cool.

    Monsters vs. Aliens: Run TOWARDS the church.

    Titanic: LOSE the poker game!

    Madagascar: Don’t go into the city, zebra.

  5. Jaws: “I think we need a bigger boat. …. no SERIOUSLY, turn this piece of shit around and I’m going to get A BIGGER BOAT!”

  6. This is great. I love “Oz.” Dorothy also could have just kept her lazy ass in bed.

    Anyway, Fight Club. “Let’s go get a beer instead.” Done.

  7. Casablanca – “IIsa, you’re a manipulative whore. Get out of my bar.”

    Field of Dreams – “Honey, i need to make an appointment with a therapist. The corn’s talking to me. I have daddy issues.”

    Showgirls – “oh hells bells, we all have daddy issues”

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