Saturday Morning Ridiculousness – Super Friends S1 Ep14

Season 1 – Episode 14: “Gulliver’s Gigantic Goof”

Airdate was December 8, 1973.

Short Synopsis: Dr. Gulliver plans to shrink everyone in the world “down to an economical, convenient size” except for himself, and his cat, Igor. But animals and children aren’t affected by his miniaturizing ray because of the difference in metabolic rates. Please don’t ask any follow-ups about that, I’m only the messenger.

Yes! Villain with a Cat!

This is the Peter Lorre-like villain, required for every animated series ever.

Aquaman, Super Hero
Aquaman finally does something helpful, but it doesn’t involve being able to chat up dolphins and manta rays.

Only One More Point Before Total World Domination, or Something.
Robin points! Aquaman, I’m looking at you…

WTF Screenshots
Batman holds two itty bitty astronauts. I want one!

You can’t go tiny with out a matchbook – it’s the law.

I’m not sure what the hell is going on here.

You knew where this was going. It is the only logical conclusion.
Yes, ALL of the Super Friends are shrunk.

Wonder Woman flailing around in a bowl of milk.

If you ever needed more proof that the Super Friends are incompetent, then here:

Shut Up, Batman.
Batman and Robin have just been shrunk down to about 2 inches tall. This, they take in stride, but when Dr. Gulliver announces that they’ve arrived at his castle, Batman exclaims, “A CASTLE!? IN AMERICA?!”

Enter the Green Arrow.
Super Friends have fucked up so bad, Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog have to come to their rescue. Who do they call? Green Arrow. Why? Because all the other super heroes are unreachable due to their participation in “a space mission, too far away for us to call.”

And guess what happens to him within a minute of showing up? Yep. And this is what’s in his glove compartment. Matchbook, spool of thread, coins and paper clips. It’s like he KNEW he was going to shrink.

Super Friends Speak the Truth.
“You’re no help to me bottled up like a bunch of pickles.” – Green Arrow

“But people don’t want to be two inches tall. Or one inch. Or whatever YOU’VE decided to make them.” – Superman

And now, a preview of the much anticipated “The Dark Knight Rises.”

If you would like to witness these shenanigans in all their glory, the first season of Super Friends is available on DVD.

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