Pop Culture Haiku: Larry the Cable Guy for Prilosec OTC

Oh, the irony
of this heartburn pill spokesman
is not lost on me.

I see the picture
and need some heartburn relief.
Well played, Prilosec.


12 thoughts on “Pop Culture Haiku: Larry the Cable Guy for Prilosec OTC”

  1. I JUST saw this commercial on television, and was like WHAT THE WHAT? Yes, please pass the prilosec. Well played Larry. Well played indeed.

  2. 5 things Larry the Cable Guy will never endorse:

    1) Colleges
    2) encyclopedias
    3) mock turtlenecks
    4) George Carlin comedy albums
    5) anything about being funny

    what a fake lowest common denominator pandering doosh

  3. Why haven’t all these advertisers learned that they should call you? You could haiku sales out the door. Larry the Cable Guy…blah!

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