Lost Mattress: Never Say Optimism is Dead

On our way home from seeing Contagion (why yes, I am now paranoid of getting batpig disease, why do you ask?), Tom, my husband, who was driving, busted out with this gem:
“Did we just pass a Lost Mattress sign?”

I replied that I didn’t see the sign, but oh my God, do you think it WAS a Lost Mattress sign? Because, I think, as you all are thinking, that it would be a glorious sight if it was. And, if it was, I would never forgive myself for missing the opportunity to see it.

Tom said, “It wasn’t. It couldn’t have been.”

And I said – “Are you sure?”

So, we turned around just to know.

It wasn’t. But, we had enough hope in our hearts to think that maybe it was true. Never say optimism is dead.

It was a Mattress for Sale sign. A girl can dream, though.

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