You know, now that I think about it…

One of the greatest things about being a new parent to a baby is that you can dress them in whatever you want and they don’t get a say in the matter.

Most of the great stuff I’ve collected to dress her in she’s not big enough for, yet, so we pretty much stick to the exact same type of outfit for her while she’s small and it’s cold outside: the all in one footed pajama.

You find when you bring that first baby home that you end up preferring some types of clothing over others. We ended up not wanting to deal with socks and pants on a newborn, and snaps take a backseat to the zipper. What can I say, the girl has two parents who pretty much wear the same uniform everyday (t-shirt, jeans) – tights and bows and bloomers and whatnots just weren’t in the cards for her.

I bought a ton of onesies and pants and “outfits” at a consignment sale in August – before I knew we would prefer the easy, all-in-one, albeit extremely informal “footie pajamas at all times, bitches” style we chose for our daughter.

I believe I had bought a whopping ONE of these pjs we ended up preferring at the low low prices of the consignment sale, so, we’ve thrown a lot of money at Target buying these zippered footed onesies, while all these other great outfits I got for like two dollars remain unworn.

The other day, as I unzipped these pjs for the approximately 49,786th diaper change so far, it occurred to me that while adorable when being worn, as evidenced here:


It’s actually pretty messed up, because you are opening up the face of an innocent animal every time you unzip it, splitting it horribly in half. And, when you dress your baby in pretty much nothing but this specific kind of clothing:

Yeah, you all look happy now...
Yeah, you all look happy now…

It starts to seem excessively cruel.


But, I’m afraid until the weather warms up and we can move one to other brands and types of clothing, the slaughter must continue.

16 thoughts on “You know, now that I think about it…”

  1. yes! I was just going to mention the sweatsuits. those things were awesome.

    my girls were summer babies so they were lucky to have clothes on at all. cute diaper cover? oh yeah, that counts as an outfit.

  2. Yeah, my kids lived in those things for about 2 years. Super easy. But I don’t remember killing any innocent animals in the process. Most of ours has the little decals on one side of the upper chest, so no poor sweet critters were harmed in the process. You, my friend, are a sick sick sadistic woman.

  3. I’m sure the animals are okay with momentarily sacrificing their facial integrity in the cause of making it easier to dress a wriggling, kicking, rolling little girl.

    How did you know the sound I would make when I saw the picture of your bubby? You must be psychic.

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