37 thoughts on “This makes Tom shake his head in shame every time I mention it.”

  1. I love it. peepy. Plus it just made me laugh uncontrollably for a second, because my computer was really slow to get to the comments and so I had to sit and stare at the chick drawing for extra long and it made me crack up.

  2. I love peeps. But I have to have them so stale their little peep heads crunch and pop off their stale little bodies. Sometimes that takes weeks and weeks.

    1. My secretary is the same exact way about the peeps. I will bring her the ones my hubs inevitably will get me for Easter even though he knows I hate them, and she will let them sit for weeks before eating them. I say gross either way.

  3. Peeps are the worst. No matter what anyone says. There’s this joke about two sausages in a frying pan that is so stupid but whenever I try to say it I cant even get through it because I’m laughing so hard. Or when I photoshop the eyebrows off of my friends and then upload them to Facebook. I think I’m effing hilarious. And I am about the only one. My husband likes to remind me with his cold cold silence that I really am not as funny as I think I am.

  4. I was attempting to read the tshirt logo and I noticed that I was being hypnotized…

    nice blog though, think I will look around…or was I just hypnotized to think I want to look around?

  5. Would I buy it for myself? No. But I’m a snob and a robot and kind of a jerkhole.

    I’m a better friend, so I would purchase 3 of them from you. One of each daughter.

      1. I don’t like clothing with writing on it, either. Only worn in the comforts of home. And I love humor like this. Tom is just jealous he didn’t think of this.

        Here’s a good one-One of my gym teachers in middle school-badly dressed even back then-used to have a sweatshirt with a cartoon of a stressed out looking bunny on it. Underneath the bunny read the hilarious line of “Oh no! ANOTHER gray hare!!!”

  6. Where oh where is your zazzle store, lady? Seriously. That is comic gold right there!!

    Very very punny. Or is that bunny? Now I’m confused. And getting a little peepy, um sleepy. 🙂

  7. Peeps make good s’mores. I like toasting them over a gas burner and watching them turn black (which is how I like my marshmallows in s’mores). And now you have a little insight into my twisted psyche.

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