The All-New Super Friends Round Up S2 Ep1D

Season 2, Episode 1, Storyline D – “The Whirlpool”

Original Airdate: September 10, 1977

Before We Begin…
It’s time for “Magic, Part 1.” We see Wonder Woman swing into the Super Friends Magic Theater on a rope.

She tells us she’s going to show us a magic trick (they’re illusions, Wonder Woman) – “The Glass and Coin Mystery.” She puts some paper around a glass, puts that over a coin, then lifts the paper, and the coin is gone!

GASP. She says she’s going to tell us how she did it after the next story segment. No need, Wonder Woman. The animators didn’t draw the coin anymore after the glass was drawn over it. Duh.

The Whirlpool Short Synopsis: “In the wintery North Atlantic, a giant super tanker heads towards Nnnorway [narrator’s pronunciation].” The cocky captain of this vessel is trying to break the “speed record” to Nnnorway despite the terrible weather up ahead. His crew radios for help and Aquaman and Black Falcon are on the case.

Sorry Black Falcon, You’re Up

They run out of the Justice League and Black Falcon lets out a cry that sounds an awful lot like “Leeerooy Jenkinssss!” But instead of “Leroy Jenkins” he yells “Black Falcon,” obviously. I don’t know much about the Black Falcon. Apparently, when he flies, he turns into a fetal lightning bolt.

He can also throw lightning bolts, which can “seal that leaky bulkhead” and then also weld it closed.

WTF Screenshots
Aquaman on his “Aqua Scooter” being a jet ski douche bag. Because he loves the ocean and its wildlife?

Good Ol’ Fashioned Fist Shake

Followed by a Classic Point

Just so you can say you saw it (go on, brag about it at dinner with your friends), here’s the titular whirlpool.

Everything Goes as Planned
This is Black Falcon and Aquaman’s faces crowded into the portal trying to convince the captain to stop acting like a crazy fool.

Then, they get caught in a cargo net.

Then, they get dropped and stuck in the “oil hole.”

Black Falcon gets them out of that situation. Really, all Aquaman has done so far is ask his glowing fish friends to show them where the ship was.

Ok, Let’s Wrap This Up
Aquaman dives under the water to keep the rudder straight and Black Falcon jump starts the engine to the ship, thus diverting disaster. They end the story with everyone laughing about how much of an asshole the captain is and how everyone almost died.

Magic Trick Part 2
Wonder Woman thinks she’s real, y’all, so here’s how she thinks she did the magic trick:

She took a circular piece of paper and attached it to the bottom of the glass, which matches the larger piece of paper the coin is on. So, you see, the coin never actually went anywhere! It had to continue to suffer existing in the Super Friends world. Poor coin.

You know this is going to be good.

Batman and Robin take an afternoon drive to a local farm to buy a snack.

Nuts for you, indeed.

Batman explains to Robin that “Fresh fruits and vegetables are some of the best snacks there are,” as if Robin is an idiot. Shut up, Batman.

If you would like to see these shenanigans for yourself, Season 2 is available on DVD.

6 thoughts on “The All-New Super Friends Round Up S2 Ep1D”

  1. I’m trying to recall my high school science classes. Wouldn’t Black Falcon (racist?) ‘s bolts causes, you know DEATH, to the Aquaman and others when mixed around water?

    If I also remember correctly, magic and magicians were huge in the mid 70s. There were several movies and tvshows with con men, I mean magicians in the lead. I watched some detective show when I was 8 or 9 with a decendant of Harry Blackstone in the lead.

    I haven’t slept in a week and of course with the whole death in the family thing I;m really punchy. But dude, this episode sucked hard.

    more please

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