More Punny TV Names – Because I Have a Serious Problem and Can’t Stop

I wrote a previous post about the groan-inducing titles of television shows that work a characters name in the title, sometimes with the clever grace of Gallagher’s mallet.

Here are five more titles that I think will inevitably end up on our television screen for our eye holes.

Connie Get a What What – An ASL teacher in the inner city tries to balance work, life, and keep her affair with the school principal a secret.

I Hear a Tiffany – Tiffany plays the flute in an orchestra by day or night, depending on the scheduled performances, and plays the “flute” as a porn actress by day or night, depending on the orchestra’s performances. There’s a lot of chaotic mad dashes between concert halls and studios, and changing clothes in the back of taxi cabs.

Drew Wrote the Book of Love – I am 100% confidant this will eventually be a Dr. Drew reality show.

A Dave in the Life – Dave Johnson is fresh out of college and has to move in with his aunt and uncle, Jodie and Stephen Life. Hijinks and generational misunderstandings ensue.

Supply and Da Man – Reggie “Supply” Jones, a notorious drug kingpin, ends up in prison and strikes up an unlikely friendship with the warden, Manny Moore.

Becky See, Becky Do – Becky has the uncanny ability to read Ikea assembly instructions and get it right the first time without any confusion. She becomes a millionaire helping others put together funny sounding furniture.

My punny show is “Carried Away,” what’s yours?

17 thoughts on “More Punny TV Names – Because I Have a Serious Problem and Can’t Stop”

  1. “You Dropped a Tom on Me” … “Tom is on My Side” … “Tom After Tom”.. “There’s No Eye in Tom.” (Premise summaries, please)

    1. Well, “Tom is on My Side” is for sure about Siamese twins.

      “Tom after Tom” would be about cloning and deadlines.

      “You Dropped a Tom on Me,” I see an Orangutan accidentally deployed overseas.

      I’m just brainstorming here…

  2. Supply and Da Man will fo sho be a show. That is stellar.

    Mist-aken identity

    Misty Mom

    I’m out. Apparently I’m not very creative today. Maybe you can try?

  3. Wow, I am not even going to attempt to throw my name in the mix – nothing rhymes with Vesta. Can I add to yours instead?

    Carrie On…the show in which you randomly walk on to other television shows. You’d be like the set crasher. Ooo! Ooo! I vote you crash the set of True Blood first, preferably in an Alexander Skarsgard scene.

  4. I’ve been trying to put together a piece about that show “Unforgettable” where the chick remembers everything, only with a twist. She just doesn’t forget grudges. So every show she’s like “Is this the victim? That son of a bitch owes me $50!!!”

  5. Oh, wow. I got nothing.

    But, well…with my name and your name, whatever YOU come up with works for me.

    This is great!

    (And would be better if I had something.)

  6. Having been called “Shanna Banana” and “Sha-na-na” my entire life, you’d think I’d have more punny TV names for myself. The best I have come up with is some version of “Shanna-nanigans.”

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