Super Friends Season 2, Episode 9 – “Attack of the Giant Squid”

Super Friends Season 2, Episode 9, Storyline A – “Attack of the Giant Squid”

Original Airdate – October 29, 1977

Short Synopsis: “Deep in the depths of the Phillippine Sea, strange experiments are taking place in the remote underwater laboratory of Dr. Pisces.” – Narrator

How strange? I’m just going to have to quote directly:

“This electrode device we’ve implanted will enlarge this squid to twenty times its size. And, when we set him loose, the device will cause his ink to spread and enlarge all other marine life to enormous proportions.” – Dr. Pisces


Dr. Pisces’ assistant seems to think it’s a bad idea, but the Doc says it will solve the world’s food shortage. The assistant warns The Super Friends, because he hates starving people – or loves starving people – in any case, The Super Friends are aware.

You can tell that Dr. Pisces is the one in the wrong in the “let’s make sea life even more bigger” argument because of the goatee-beard combo:

Superman made the major mistake of standing beside Aquaman during the Trouble Alert, so he get stuck helping out.

“Instantly, Superman and Aquaman race to the Philippine Sea.” – Narrator

I would joke that of course they did it instantly, but we all know that the Super Friends take. their. damn. time. So, it makes sense that the Narrator specifies.

 “Superman, those aren’t whales, they’re monster sized tuna.” – Aquaman

“Meanwhile, a luxury ocean liner steams peacefully along, completely unaware of the fate that awaits it.” – Narrator.

Yeeeahhh, Narrator, pretty much every ocean liner isn’t aware of it’s fate because ocean liners aren’t self aware OR clairvoyant.

The squid takes the whole ship under, but the crew made it water tight, so they’re safe…for now!

I know this is going to come to a shock to some of you. Most likely, you’re already sitting down, but if you aren’t, I suggest you find a fainting couch or bean bag chair. If you are ready to hear this earth shattering news, proceed below:

Aquaman tries to telepathically control the squid but can’t.

I’ll give you a minute to let it sink in…

Aquaman is like, “hey stop that!” but with those sonic circles and the squid is all, “haha, no” but instead of saying it, he just keeps sinking the ship. It is really action packed.

Superman and Aquaman decide the only way to stop the squid is to get it back to normal size, so they look for Dr. Pisces.

“Dr. Pisces is going to have an uninvited guest…by the name of SUPERMAN!!!” – Superman

Superman, you are sharing a storyline with AQUAMAN. You have to work really hard to seem more silly than him, and yet there you are, breaking a sweat being a big ol’ dork.

“HELP! LET ME OUT!” Yells Dr. Pisces’ assistant from inside a closet.

“There’s someone behind that door!” Superman seems to need to exclaim to himself. Oy.

Mr. Assistant hands Superman some device that will shrink the squid, and so Superman LEAVES without doing anything about Dr. Pisces.

Oh, it’s one of THOSE storylines.

Yes, it’s that time again for something stupid to happen to Superman so that the other super hero can save him and look cool. This time, Superman, while drilling a hole in a cave (literally, you perverts) is struck by a kryptonite ray thanks to Dr. Pisces, who Superman didn’t do anything about previously.

Aquaman disables the kryptonite ray with some electric eels and then apprehends Dr. Pisces in the best worst way:

They shrink the squid, the luxury liner gets returned to the top of the sea (none the wiser), and Dr. Pisces is delivered to the authorities.

Back at the League Headquarters, it’s time for the story ending zinger! This week it comes from Superman – “Who’d want to eat an 100 pound shrimp cocktail!”

Ha ha ha. Maybe starving people?

If you would like to see these shenanigans for yourself, Season 2 is available on DVD.

13 thoughts on “Super Friends Season 2, Episode 9 – “Attack of the Giant Squid””

  1. Really that scheme would have a two-pronged method of reducing world hunger: 1) more/bigger seafood (further boosting the economy by introducing more all-you-can-eat seafood buffets), and 2) halving the world’s population in Mutant Sea Creature attacks. It is a foolproof plan.

  2. What about the picky eaters like my teenager who hate seafood? Can you make a bag of doritos 100 times its normal size? wait, Jay leno says he can do that in the commercials.

    This is why superfriends is/was bad for children, especially overthinkers like me.

    How can random people notify the superfriends when there’s trouble? Like, for instance, if I see someone posting Nickelback videos on the book o face, can i text Wonder Woman & Green Lantern? If someone is abusing your/you’re on the twitter, can I dial up the Batman?

  3. “Superman, those aren’t whales, they’re monster sized tuna.”

    That’s what SHE said… or HE said… it’s…
    never mind. Seemed dirty at the time.

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