Pop Culture Roundup II

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But, I also like to occasionally talk about what I’ve seen, and so here’s some of the stuff I’ve watched over the last few weeks:

Things I Hadn’t Seen Before:

1. Downton Abbey. Everyone kept blabbing about how good it was, and it’s generally not my kind of thing, but if something’s good, and it’s taking a segment of the population by storm, sometimes I feel left out. So, Tom and I watched the whole first season (or “series” if you’re British) over a weekend. It’s pretty addictive. It caused a few tweets from me:

Although, I have to say, the second season is getting a little too far fetched for me (we’re watching it as it’s being shown on PBS). I feel like unrealistic decisions are being made by the characters for the sake of suspense and tension. And, quiet suppressed emotion really does drive me up the wall eventually. Just say what you’re thinking, for God’s sake! It reminds me of this Eddie Izzard bit:

2. REC Spanish zombies! I liked this movie. It’s only 78 minutes long, and you know what? It doesn’t need to be any longer. It has very good pacing, and considering the situation the characters are put it, things move swiftly, as they should. The movie was re-made in America – Quarantine – essentially shot-for-shot. I haven’t seen Quarantine, but I can’t imagine there’s anything in it that would improve upon REC.

3. The Public Enemy  I’d never seen a James Cagney movie before. I thought it was time. Good lord does he have charisma. It was made in 1931, so it does have early film pacing, those kinds of awkward beats that seem like a play is being filmed, if that makes sense. Jean Harlow, who I love in Dinner at Eight, hasn’t quite gotten her style together yet. She reads her lines in of the strangest cadences I’ve ever heard. The DVD we watched had a whole segment featuring Martin Scorsese explaining why The Public Enemy is one of his favorite movies, and THAT I really loved.

4. Big Trouble in Little China I loved this so much. You know what the best thing about this movie is? The fact that the whole plot makes no sense but Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) has no idea what’s going on, either, and he just goes with the flow, so you do, too. Kurt Russell is so good in this movie. I found a compilation of Jack Burton being confused about what the hell is happening and it made me laugh all over again.

Things I Had Seen:

1. Spinal Tap  The local theater showed this the other week, so I got to see if for the first time on a big screen. We own this movie on DVD. The DVD has commentary from Spinal Tap in-character and it’s hilarious. It’s like a second movie. There’s so many good moments in this movie. My favorite is the entire Stonehenge segment, but it’s just filled wall to wall with jokes.

What have you seen lately that you loved?

21 thoughts on “Pop Culture Roundup II”

  1. Finally got around to watching ‘Buffy The Vampire slayer’ and I am HOOKED! And…and…NATHAN is on it for a few episoes! SQUEE!!!

  2. Need to see Spinal Tap again. In fact, I need to get back on the movie-watching train. I used to rent such good stuff, and it’s been a long time since I saw something great.

  3. I lurve Eddie Izzard!

    So Downton Abbey – sooo addictive. I haven’t watched the 2nd season yet.

    Did you watch the 1st season of The Killing? I think season 2 starts soon – I thought it was the best show on air last year. And I enjoyed American Horror Story very much too.

    Have you seen Dog Tooth? We knew nothing about it going into the movie – it’s on Netflix streaming. Totally. Bizarre.

    1. I’ve never watched a show that started out as strong as The Killing and then by the end of the very first season felt it had completely unraveled. I’m not speaking to that show right now!

      Really liked American Horror Story. I’m very curious about the strange approach they’ve taken – Season 2 will be a completely different story in a different locale – very interesting.

      Never heard of Dog Tooth, will have to look it up!

  4. I think Downtown Abby is the great @AbbyHasIssues aka http://www.abbyhasissues.com I wish she had a show.

    1) Sanford and Son – one of the greatest comedies ever. Redd Foxx’s Fred G. Sanford is as good as a comedic character gets. Tv Land is my friend.

    2) Resident Evil 1 – I know it’s junk. I know Milla Jovovich isn’t that pretty or can really act. It has guns and zombies and violence and viruses and loudness and good techno music and zombies.

    3) Weeds. I’ve only seen 2 episodes but damn it’s good. I like me some Mary Louise Parker.

    4) Victorious’s parody of The Breakfast Club. I know ,shut the front door, it’s a kid’s show. But how they pulled this deal off is really awesome.

  5. My sister recently got me addicted to Sons of Anarchy. It stresses me out but for some reason I can’t stop watching it.
    We are on a Dennis Hooper kick and have been watching all his movies…watching True Romance tonight. One of my favorites that my love has somehow missed out on. I love the scene with Hopper and Christopher Walken…brilliant.

      1. I have been instructed to publish a correction: While I did not remember hearing about Trollhunter, once it was pointed out to me by Tom that it’s been in our Netflix queue and he has been trying to get us to watch it on the recommendation of another friend, it jogged my memory. So, I have heard of Trollhunter, but barely.

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