How to Keep Your Weird Wife Happy and Informed

1. When her beloved TiVo breaks, and you have to get out the ancient VCR, help with the transition:

2. While watching Dr. Who, season 6, if your weird wife is having a hard time visualizing timelines, help her out with a hand-drawn diagram. Important: Before you come to your senses and help her in the friendly manner you excel at, stating that “It’s not that hard to figure out” is not the best first approach as it will unleash an expletive-filled verbal lashing. While she does understand you don’t mean anything by it, it’s still kind of an assy move.

3. On a weekend, when you all have planned to see a movie, like you do every weekend, and you’ve looked up all the showtimes and ran down everything that’s playing and even sometimes looked up all the reviews because your weird wife is also a weird lazy wife, get your day started off right. Since your weird wife doesn’t trust her own memory when it comes to time, write everything on her hand so that you don’t have to answer the same question 10 times before it’s time to leave. Hand is best, she will misplace paper.

26 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Weird Wife Happy and Informed”

  1. Actually, my wife realized they rebooted Dr Who first, and tuned in before I knew it was even on.
    And she’s bought every series as soon as it becomes available.
    Wait – does that make her weirder?

    1. We’ve watched all the previous series (from the reboot), my issue was in a specific episode – I couldn’t figure out how Dr. Who and Song’s timelines were lining up.

      It’s not weird to like Dr. Who. But, I think I’m weird so I just apply the description to everything I do, just to be safe.

      1. Well, Moffat likes to make stuff up as he goes, so i wouldn’t get to wound up over the timeline thing, has a River/Doctor timeline somewhere.
        I just hope we get to meet Jim the Fish!

        1. What threw me off was the explanation that they are both on linear timelines (opposite directions) when they’re meeting. Which, if Moffat decided that for this season, makes more sense. My confusion makes more sense, I mean.

  2. As the words “It’s not that hard to figure out” were coming out of my mouth, I was desperately groping in the air to cram them back in.

  3. Oooo – When I saw Underworld last week it was a toss up between that and Haywire. But Ewan McGregor annoys the hell out of me so I went with bad vamps instead. I love me some fightin’ scenes, so I’ll have to look past him and check it out.

    Anyway, what so weird about all that stuff? Sounds perfectly freaking normal to me!

  4. But did he also make the BLEEP BLOOP sounds every time you hit a button on the VCR remote? Because if he didn’t, then he just wasn’t doing it right.

    I miss my Tivo. I used to love that sound. My husband detested it with the power of a thousand white hot suns. But when I got a new DVR, which sadly was silent when you pushed the buttons, I used to make the sound just to annoy him. I’m an awesome wife like that. 🙂

  5. Oh man, I remember running my VCR ragged back in the day! I bet I still have a bunch of tapes laying around somewhere too!

    1. Loooove the new Sherlock! Can’t wait to see the new ones! Torchwood is so hit and miss. I read the Starz(?) mini series was good. I liked Children of Earth, but we couldn’t get through the first series after that. I do love some Jack Harkness.

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