Police Snackademy

You know when you spell a word over and over and it doesn’t seem like a word anymore?  And how sometimes something seems funny, then  you spell it over and over and it doesn’t seem like a funny anymore? This is that post. It’s pretty much solely to amuse Tom and my friend, Dave.

I’ve been sitting on it for weeks. Then, Lance goes and tweets about Steve Guttenberg getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today. What the fucking hell? What are the chances of that? I’m sitting on a Police Academy post and Steve Guttenbeg “finally?” gets a star on the Walk of Fame. So, I have  no choice but to drop this bomb. I apologize to all who are scarred by it.


We were at Walgreen’s, and Tom came across this amazing combo DVD of Police Academys 2 and 3 (yes, 2 and 3 only):

Notice the yellow sticker on it – “DON’T Forget SNACK.” Yep, it’s a yellow sticker about a singular snack. Even though there are TWO movies to watch – shouldn’t it be “snacks” plural? And also, stop nagging me, Comedy Double Feature Police Academy 2 and 3 DVD.

If I want a snack, I’ll get a snack, and if I don’t, I won’t. And, I’m not buying you anyway, so it’s none of your goddamned business.

I looked everywhere in the store, but they had none of my favorite snacks:




12 thoughts on “Police Snackademy”

  1. I never forget snack…even typing that grammatically incorrect sentence makes my skin crawl.

    Anyway, I love caramel, but that picture looks creepy. I’m not saying I wouldn’t eat it, but it looks creepy.

  2. I just read the poll of 90 best twitter feeds and neither one of us were on it. I punched my office wall, kicked the trashcan, and grabbed my keys to head for liquor store when your blog popped into my email.

    I love the internets again. I inspired my girl to bust out her Steve Guttenberg related post.

    It’s A Wonderful Life part 2

  3. Oh Walgreen’s, home of snack and bad double features mysteriously missing Part 1.

    I had the ‘is that a word’ moment not long ago, with the word ‘that’. I don’t know why, but for whatever reason it seemed weird to me. That..that…that. See? Weird.

    1. Walgreen’s is a black hole of things like that. We also found a bin labeled “Fancy Panties,” which was my very first post.

      E-I words, like weird and their are always the ones that get me. Their, their, their…it doesn’t mean anything anymore!

  4. Crap…your Police Academy and Steve Guttenburg sent me right into Short Circuit, which was filmed here, so then of course I moved on to the Goonies…and honestly would have been content to stay there but hello Kindergarten Cop…and you do have caramel…which as horrendous as it appears is better than any Arnie snack available! Or is he snacks?

  5. You’re right. I don’t find this amusing at all. Maybe because my name isn’t Tom. Nor is it Dave. Do you think if I legally changed it I would then be able to find the humor in it? Hmmm.

    I was just at Walgreens today and did not see this set. I would have bought it just for the reminder alone! Anything that makes sure I have a singular snack, because obviously more than 1 would be overdoing it and make me gain even MORE weight, is my friend and looking out for me. I must own that, stat!

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