Get back to your needlepoint, little starling. Craft, craft, craft…craft, craft, craft.

Reason 1,234,567 I can’t wait until the house is sold: I get to put up all my inappropriate decor.

I don’t have super-awesome stuff like electric chairs or cobras fighting mongooses, but I have plenty of off-kilter things and things that don’t get your house sold that we can’t have out right now (a homemade ALF planter I found at a flea market, Tom likes to display his big ol’ AT-AT from childhood, etc.),

With the rapid reduction of dog rescue work I do, I’ve found time to do things I used to do, like a little bit of crafting.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I finally got to make what’s been bouncing around in my head for over five years. But, now it has to go in a box, waiting for a time when a cross-stitch inspired by Silence of the Lambs can be displayed in my bathroom without weirding out potential buyers, just regular visitors. So, for now, I will hang it in this blog post to enjoy.

25 thoughts on “Get back to your needlepoint, little starling. Craft, craft, craft…craft, craft, craft.”

  1. Hahahaha! I scrolled down and looked at the photo first, which was incredibly puzzling. One word – awesome.

    Perhaps you should put it up anyway, maybe it will scare someone into making an offer on the house.

        1. Why aren’t you on Etsy with all this? I think you’re missing out on a niche market of (angry? endearingly psychotic?) Christmas shoppers.

  2. OMG. I never use OMG because it is so “omg” and OMG. WANT ONE! And a companion pieces that says “Oh yeah… was she a great big fat girl?” Name your price. Must have one!!

  3. I love inappropriate cross stitches. I have several and have made some for friends, who love them, too. And I particularly enjoy when someone new comes to visit, so I can’t see their faces when confronted with Suck It! in a fancy cross-stitch font.

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