If I Didn’t Already Know I was a Giant Nerd

My birthday was yesterday. I share my birthday with the whole earth, which, as an introvert, is pretty nice because I can just hang back while the earth gets all the attention.

On the occasions where I get multiple presents (mainly my birthday and Christmas), sometimes the stars align and I get a haul of the things I truly wanted and like. Not stupid clothes, or dumb stuff I need, but things that reflect the kind of person I am, which is a humongous immature nerd.

Yesterday was a reminder that not only am I a humongous immature nerd, but I was lucky to find another one to marry.

Exhibit A: We decided to go grab some lunch. Right before we left, Tom filled up his mug with the last of his coffee and we got in the car. He placed his coffee mug in it’s holder, and next to it sat my big-ass mug that lives in my car, which I drink water from because I’m a non-coffee drinking square:

Exhibit B: Tom bought me something that he thought might be more for him than me, and to acknowledge this possibility, he decorated the wrapping paper:

This is a Simpsons reference.

I opened my presents (some from Tom, some from my Mom, and Mom’s gifts were part of the reason the haul seemed especially nerdy; she usually gets me the less eccentric things I ask for). I stepped back and took in the sight of my spoils, and it was good.

1, The Mighty Boosh, the complete series DVD
2. Twin Peaks, complete series DVD (this was the one wrapped in a Simpsons reference)
3. The Joke Shop from the Department 56 A Christmas Story village
4. A Christmas Story leg lamp Christmas lights
5. A birdhouse in the shape of Mad Hatter’s hat from the Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland”
6. Book 6 of The Walking Dead
7. A lottery ticket. If I win, obviously the money will be spent on many nerdy endeavors.

Do liking any of these individual things make me a giant nerd? No. Even though you might think they would, they wouldn’t. It is the volume of it that makes me a giant nerd. You get a Mad Hatter birdhouse, some sensible slacks, a pair of earrings, and a blender, and it just doesn’t say the same thing when it’s paired with these six other things. I did get a 12″ frying pan, so my mom got me one traditionally useful thing. But, I plan on using it as a weapon during the inevitable zombie take-over as much as I plan to make scrambled eggs in it.

This haul was also a nice reflection of the nerd balance I like to strike in my life. A Christmas Story and Alice in Wonderland needs to be paired with a dead teenager wrapped in plastic and the zombie apocalypse. Life is about variety, am I right?

25 thoughts on “If I Didn’t Already Know I was a Giant Nerd”

  1. I saw nothing but nerd nirvana in those gifts. My wife isnt a weirdo like I am but she appreciates the weirdo nerd in me. its awesome you’ve found that in the mister.

    one day we need to break down the Twin peaks series togetehr. I was a huge fan

  2. Yeah, you’re a nerd, but we all are in our own way. For holidays I get things like produce and cleaning products, which are exactly the things that I want. šŸ˜‰

    Happy Birthday, lady!

  3. You’re on the “glad I know” list for the zombie apocalypse. Come find us when it happens, we’ll be somewhere in the mountains in British Columbia. I can’t tell you where exactly though. Congratulations on your terrific haul!

    1. Every 3rd year or so, the hubs shares with Mother’s Day. He is usually ok with it. One year he had to share with my parent’s renewing their vows (aka second wedding). He was extremely NOT ok with that!


    Although, I must say that I am a bit upset with you that you didn’t inform us (me!) of this pending birthday. I totally would have sent a card. I am all about card sending for birthdays. Now I’m sad you missed out on the fabulousness that would have been my birthday card to you. Sad for you, anyway.

    That is a fine haul. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with all of those things together. You have a man that gets you! That is very rare and a really good thing.

    I love the juxtapositioning of the mugs as well. You 2 superheroes you! šŸ˜‰

  5. Happy Birthday!

    You are lucky that your hubs “gets” you. All I ever ask for is cash, to spend on myself. You know, with no guilt.

    It rarely happens – the guilt almost always sneaks in.

    Glad you had a great b-day!

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