Facts I made up about the movie Psycho.

We’re going to see one of my favorite movies, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, at the movie theater this evening. To commemorate the event, I’ve made up some fascinating facts about the making of the movie. Please feel free to pass them on as the truth, it will really impress friends and family.

1. Everyone knows that the blood in the shower scene was chocolate syrup. But, not everyone knows that the bathtub was made of molded ice cream. The drain was a wafer cookie. After they finished shooting the scene, the entire crew had an ice cream party.

The water was corn syrup.

2. Spencer Tracy is almost unrecognizable as Janet Leigh’s bra.

3. The score is completely a cappella.

4. When Alfred Hitchcock would get in a bad mood, the cast and crew would call him “Alfred Bitchcock.” He was a very good sport about it.

5. The Bates’ house up on the hill was a very small scale model. But, the interesting thing is, the model was actually a perfectly formed, detailed, piece of lint Alfred Hitchcock found in his pocket. The unkempt bushes were painstakingly created by the set designer.

Movie magic!

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