What did we do before cell phones? The 1977 JC Penny Catalog informs us.

Before cell phones, we had both hands free for the majority of the time. It’s funny how quickly we forget the times before cell phones – when you actually had to be at a place that had a phone to use it, and sometimes you even had to ask if you could use it.

But, I’m more concerned with our hands. Nowadays most people in public are using one or both of their hands to talk or play on their phone. What did we do with ourselves before that? I’ll tell you.

Men wore robes and coats every day, and always used the pockets.

Women, ever so lightly, ever so deftly, used one hand to caress their collars.


18 thoughts on “What did we do before cell phones? The 1977 JC Penny Catalog informs us.”

  1. But now the women could caress their collars with one hand and take a self-portrait to Instagram and put on Twitter with the other. See how we’ve evolved?

  2. Men wore those moustaches and women thought they were sexy not creepy. That’s the real test of time.

    I’ve never worn a robe outside of a hotel room in my life. True story.

  3. Wait.. what’s the chick in the green-and-white-striped bathrobe doing with her hands? I don’t see any laid lovingly on her collar… suspicious, or kinky? I’ll go with kinky given the look on blue-striped-bathrobe-girl’s face.

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