The All-New Super Friends Round Up S2 Ep4D – “Fire”

Season 2, Episode 4, Storyline D – “Fire”

Original Airdate: October 3, 1977

Wonder Woman swings in on her lasso to find an unattended child trying to come up with a project for school using all the crap found in a paper bag.

She tells the kid that “there’s the makings of a yo-yo” in the bag, and the savvy kid says, “Are you sure? I’d love help! Can you show me?”

Wonder Woman dutifully agrees to do the girl’s homework for her. All you need is: 1. an empty thread spool 2. some string 3. two container lids and 4. some tacks.

All you have to do is tie the string to the spool and use the tacks to attach the container lids to each side (you can use a rock like Wonder Woman). Then, you have what will probably be a C- project for school – but at least you didn’t have to do it yourself!

Short Synopsis: “Deep within the Los Altos National Park, a careless family leaves behind a smoldering camp fire.” – Narrator

Uh-oh. The fires starts to spread and we cut to:

A sheriff bringing two criminals to the park to pay their debt to society. They see the fire, and a burning tree knocks them off the road, allowing the criminals to escape. So, if you haven’t been keeping up, we now have a forest fire and two criminals on the loose.

Ok, nevermind, just one problem.
A fireman lets the Super Friends know that the fire is under control but the criminals are still on the loose.

This week’s special guest is Rima, whom I’ve never heard of. According to Wikipedia, she had a short-lived run in DC Comics and is based on a 1904 novel by W.H. Hudson. In Super Friends, she can talk to animals, which makes her perfect for this adventure. Batman doesn’t seem to mind one bit that she’ll be coming along.

Robin, you’re used to being a third wheel, right?

Phew, I was worried only loose criminals wouldn’t be enough dramatic suspense.
The criminals, one of whom is named Mark (no word on the other’s name), steal the vehicle of some workmen trying to clear fire debris from the forest.

“They don’t know it, but they’re headed into the fire area. The dynamite they’re carrying could explode from the heat.” – Expositional Workman

Like a Bridge Over Boring Waters
The criminals drive over a burning bridge. They make it across but the super trio doesn’t. Rima does her call, which sounds just like Tarzan, and all the woodland creatures hear her, but only one bothers to respond.

A bear knocks down two trees to help the Batmobile across. For some reason this bear just hangs out on his back two legs like a circus bear.

And now, because this was a pretty boring episode, I present to you a scrapbook filled with memories of Batman and Rima’s (and Robin’s) Adventure

Safety Time!
At a camp site, a little girl has burned her hand on the top of a pot resting in a fire.

Superman tells her to soak a cloth in cold water and wrap the hand for 15 minutes, it will reduce the swelling.

That’s helpful and all, but shouldn’t the lesson be to NOT TOUCH hot pots?

P.S. I’m posting Super Friends outtakes on the Cannibalistic Nerd Facebook page. So, if you need a mid-week Super Friends pick-me-up, that’s the place to get it.

If you would like to see these shenanigans for yourself, Season 2 is available on DVD.

12 thoughts on “The All-New Super Friends Round Up S2 Ep4D – “Fire””

  1. Just kidding. Thought I’d go all YouTube commenter on you. My kids and I are totally trying out that yoyo today except wait, we don’t have spools from thread because WHO THE HELL SEWS ANYMORE ANYWAY? Also, nice touch with the tacks, but I’m thinking: Isn’t there anything MORE dangerous we could use to adhere that? Maybe superglue? hot glue? a stake driven through the yoyo’s heart?

  2. Rima’s a looker but I couldn’t get past the permanent Wal-Mart feet to date her.

    I wonder if Wonder Women showed up the creative meetings behind the scenes and said “so, this week I’m going to suck more than Aquaman? Ok, but next week, I’m saving teh world like a badass, mmmkay?”

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