The All-New Super Friends Round Up S2 Ep2D – “The Antidote”

Season 2, Episode 2, Storyline D – “The Antidote”

Original Airdate: September 17, 1977

“This isn’t some strange fish face, it’s a rattler!” – Aquaman

Aquaman explains that The Wonder Twins are having a party later, and “they’re going to like this rhythm instrument.” Because that’s what teenagers throwing a party love best – two paper plates glued together with some beans in between.

And, for some reason, probably because it’s Aquaman and he needed to learn it in two separate sessions, the craft instruction for gluing two plates together and drawing a smiley face on each side is split into “Part 1” and “Part 2.”

Really, you guys, Aquaman draws two faces on two plates and then lets us know that “I’ll be back in a few minutes to tell you how to finish it.”

I’ll try not to spoil the surprise.

Short Synopsis: “Deep in a remote region of India, a peaceful village is about to be shaken with disaster.” I thought he was referring to the fact that the Super Friends were about to visit, but it’s actually an earthquake.

“In the dense jungle nearby, hundreds of poisonous cobras are driven in fear of the earthquake toward the unsuspecting village.” – Narrator, narrating.

They chose the tiniest people in the village to pick on.

The cobras then bite hundreds of villagers and everybody ran out of antidote serum, so they called the Super Friends to help. Unfortunately for Apache Chief, he was at headquarters, probably dropping off Aquaman’s beans and glue, and he gets stuck in the guest star slot this week.

Wonder Woman doesn’t like it when you tell her she didn’t do enough.
Wonder Woman and Apache Chief show up with a little wimpy box of serum. The guy in charge tells them “thanks, but it’s not nearly enough,” and Wonder Woman shoots him this look:

“It’s more than what you had before, bitch.”

Then she shoot’s Apache this look:

“Can you believe this jackass?”

This is what makes the Super Friends the Super Friends
When told that they didn’t bring enough serum, Apache Chief informs the guy that would clearly already know that the serum is made from the venom of cobras that the serum is made from the venom of cobras. Wonder Woman and Apache Chief are all “oh, well, it can’t be done.” You know, because they’re SUPER HEROES.

A random man folding towels is like, “well I thought about it for more than a second and a half, and I think there may be a way to do it.” So Apache Chief and Wonder Woman stare at him with mouths agape as he explains.

Ok, in fairness, he tells them to find “Kataru, the legendary giant king cobra, who lives in a hidden temple somewhere in the jungle.” So he may just be crazy and/or it really is local knowledge they wouldn’t have, but, my point about their instantly giving up still stands.

Kamaru, or Kataru, depending on who’s saying it.
Folding towel man tells WW and AC that not only is Kataru a giant king cobra, he can also control other animals and is the King of the Jungle. Kataru seems like a cheerful guy to me, and that’s in spite of people not actually knowing what his name is.

Wonder Woman makes it inside the temple and exclaims, “Kataru, he’s even bigger than I imagined!” And we all know how active Wonder Woman’s imagination is (see above paragraph about her lack of problem solving skills).

C’mon Apache Chief, we all know why you’re here. Get to growin’.
For some reason, Apache Chief is delegated to dealing with the local animals Kataru has dispensed, and Wonder Woman, who cannot grow to giant size, is left to deal with the giant cobra. That doesn’t work out well (where’s towel folding guy when you need him), so Apache Chief has to save Wonder Woman from the temple.

Then, they get the venom they need, thank Kataru, and don’t make him breakfast or call him the next day or anything. Poor Kataru. Or Kamaru.

It’s time to add the filling! Please pay extra close attention because this is really complicated: take your beans and put them inside one of the plates, NOT on the part of the plate that you drew the face, the other side. THEY MAKE THE RATTLING SOUND, Aquaman tells us, that’s why they have to be on the inside.

Then, hold up the glue and smile like an idiot.

Then, put glue around the inside rim of the plate.

Put the other plate on top (face side out), then put it somewhere “to dry overnight.”

He looks so proud.

You know, it’s odd, they didn’t show any footage of Zan and Jayna being really impressed and excited when Aquaman brings the “sun rattle” to their party. Oh, well, everyone must have had so much fun listening to beans shake that they forgot to turn on the camera.

“Don’t smoke, it doesn’t make you grown up, it makes you a loser.” – Superman

If you want to be a grown up, glue two plates together and show up at a party with it.

If you would like to see these shenanigans for yourself, Season 2 is available on DVD.

17 thoughts on “The All-New Super Friends Round Up S2 Ep2D – “The Antidote””

  1. Ummmm, in my youngest daughter’s first grade class they made rattlers for a school party. I helped her. You know how I knew how to do it – Aquaman in 1977. I hang my head in shame.

    who knew Wonder Woman was an anti-Apache hate mongerer? girl’s got issues.

    1. Ha! I was thinking more that she was making a face about the dude complaining, but maybe she’s blaming Apache for making her look bad.

      I hope you held up the glue and smiled into space – that’s a really important step.

  2. I’m troubled by the stereotypes being reinforced by the Super Friends. Is there no representative from India or Southeastern Asia that can help? Why not? Why are they portrayed as weak and unsuspecting and reliant upon the West? It’s like the animators were planning ahead to gain the trust and support of the viewers for a war on terror in 30 years or so.

    Otherwise, awesome tips on making rattles! Thanks, Aquaman!

    1. Towel folding guy is a bit of a stereotype and I had to name him Towel Folding Guy because they didn’t bother to give him a name, but he DID save everyone because he figured out the solution. I really don’t like to give the Super Friends credit for anything.

  3. When WW said, “Kataru, he’s even bigger than I imagined!” My first thought was “That’s what she said!”

    And I’ve always loved Aquaman. Maybe because he’s a colossal dork like me. 🙂

  4. I would love to be there for those morning Super Friend staff meetings where the divvy up all the tasks for the day. “Apache Chief and Wonder Woman, we have a cobra problem in India. We know you can handle it. Superman and Batman, terrorists are trying to hijack a nuclear weapon. Get on it. Aquaman… ummm… we’re going to need you to put together some fun craft project using beans and paper plates. Don’t blow it.”

  5. Thank you so much for writing these Super Friends posts. I’ve been reading them and cracking up all morning while eating breakfast, illiciting angry glances from my wife. Fun times…

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